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Luxury Garden Rooms

Here at Prime Stables, we take pride in the skilfully crafted, luxury garden rooms we provide for clients across the country. Each is crafted to a bespoke request and can be utilised in as many ways as can be imagined, so whether you have recently been envious of your neighbours’ garden gyms and would like your own, or wish to take inspiration from the great outdoors and make art in a garden studio, we will provide you with the space you need.

For the traditional or contemporary garden room that will offer the space you need for recreation or relaxation, as well as any work you wish to complete, contact us today. We are more than certain that we will be able to provide you with your dream garden room, whether you already know what you would like or wish to draw ideas from the designs we already have available on our website.

It must be noted that, in most cases, the garden rooms we will provide should not require planning permission. However, there are some stipulations to this. If you would like to know more, please visit the Planning Portal.

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Our Fine Specifications for Luxury Garden Rooms

Each stunning garden room we provide for our clients is crafted from the highest quality, kiln-dried oak timber we have available to us. This provides your new space with greater levels of insulation throughout the year, protecting your interior against the unpredictable weather we so often see here in the UK. 

If you are intending to use your space all year round, whether as an office, a cosy reading space or music room for rehearsals, we can also place a lining into your room’s walls. This will help to keep it warm and dry, even as the weather turns wetter and colder. To aid this design feature, the windows we install for your garden building will all come double glazed as standard, while the doors offer toughened glass and mortice locks for heightened security.

What We Offer for Bespoke Garden Room Design

We love what we do and we are passionate about providing our clients with the traditional or contemporary luxury garden rooms they have had in mind for their properties. To ensure they will always receive the product they have asked for, we take every design feature they have requested into account, and will be more than happy to do the same for you.

The beauty of offering a bespoke design lies with the fact that you can make your purchased space as luxurious as you would like it to be. From offering idyllic spots to practise yoga or to dabble at painting, to opening up and using them as a summer relaxation spot for entertaining friends, modern garden rooms made to fit your requirements can become any space you’ve dreamed of having for your home.

Our Prices

As each of our crafted products are specifically requested and made to order, we cannot offer a full list of prices for the work we will carry out when you choose to buy from us. However, we also understand that you may wish to plan your purchase into your budget, so we will work closely with you to calculate the cost of your planned home improvement feature. Every specification you have will be discussed and taken into account, so the quote you receive in return will be fully suited to your individual purchase.

Contact Us Today

Get in touch today to discuss your requirements. Don’t see a design that you like? Don’t worry; we are proud to offer bespoke design services to all of our clients. So, if you have any specific requirements in mind, please do not hesitate to get in touch. We would be more than happy to advise you and answer your questions. Call us today!

Why Craft a Luxury Garden Room with Prime Stables?

There are many reasons clients from across the UK have chosen us to craft their very own traditional and contemporary garden buildings, whether they intend to use their new structures for art studios, home gyms or even just to create some extra space around their property. For your convenience and consideration, we’ve listed just some of the most important reasons here:

  • We are a family-owned and run firm, with a passion for what we can provide. We listen to what our clients want and need, so they will always receive the beautifully made end product they have asked for and nothing less.
  • Our dedicated team is always on hand to help you through the purchasing process; they will even be able to assist if you are having trouble deciding what you need for your building.
  • All work is carried out by skilled craftsmen, who will use the highest quality oak timber available to create every order we receive.
  • We have an in-house CAD team ready and waiting to provide you with planning drawings, should you need to make an application.
  • Our specialist installation team will travel to your location to deliver and put together your purchase.

What our Clients are saying…

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Bring Your Outdoor Space to Life with Us

If you have been searching for the ideal garden building to complete your outdoor space, a bespoke offering from Prime Stables may be just the solution. We will craft your chosen purchase to your exact specifications, preparing it for any use you have in mind, before ensuring it is delivered and swiftly installed on your property. You may be based anywhere in the UK; we will always make sure that this service is offered to you.

Contact our office via the telephone, or send us an email today and one of our friendly members of staff will be glad to speak with you about the luxury garden room you have in your mind’s eye. They will then be able to assist you in making your purchase, or answer any questions you may have before the work begins.

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