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Horses are a passion worthy of royalty.  From winning at Ascot or Cheltenham, Badminton or Burghley, the local Point to Point or Gymkhana.

However, most importantly the sheer enjoyment of the bond and love between man and beast.  Anyone who has had any dealings with these magnificent creatures will tell you that horses even the largest can be delicate and need proper care.   An equestrian building is a complex structure that has to be designed to suit each client’s own horse’s individual needs, built to the highest standards and to a level of perfection.   Horses are a great investment and the buildings in which they are housed, must reflect this.

When Gary and Sarah started Prime Stables back in 2003, they operated out of Sarah’s brothers and sister in laws stable yard and named the company after Sarah’s family name.  A constant reminder to her husband that Prime means the best.  The office back in those days was a computer under their stair well which their 5 children, the eldest being 12 at the time were asked not to touch.  To their credit they hardly ever did.

Prime Stables guiding principles right from the beginning can be summed up into three pillars; love for family and people; love for horses and animals and the piece de la résistance perfection and quality.

The business is built around the family, a fantastic team that is the company and our incredible clientele whom make it all worthwhile whether they own just the one horse or run a complete stable yard we are always more than happy to assist with our clients needs..

Secondly, we love horses and animals.  From Sarah having a charmed childhood, growing up on a farm, being spoilt by having her pony the majority of the time mucked out by her father. Her brother and sister in law always having horses, and not to forget their children, each with different pets and the family dogs, if memory serves them well at one stage Gary and Sarah had five children and 12 pets. This extends to the environment and you can read our sustainability policy here.

Because of our love for horses, people and animals, this is how we have learnt to understand over the years what your horses and other animal’s needs are, whether they are housed in an American Barn or a Mobile Field Shelter.

Lastly, our desire for quality and perfection guides us at every stage of the process from the initial enquiry, then the design phase, to the manufacturing of the buildings and finally the installation.  We offer a complete service that we will not only design the solution to your needs, but will install according to your requirements.

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