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Mobile field shelters are one of the easiest and most practical ways you can provide shelter for your horses. Our expert craftsmen can manufacture mobile field shelters that are made specially to suit your individual requirements.

Easily Moved | Location Flexibility | No Planning Permission Required | Durable

Why Choose a Mobile Field Shelter from Prime Stables

We at Prime Stables, are a family-run company specialising in providing high-quality solutions for horses around the UK. We are experts in stable manufacturing and have a team of quality craftsmen available to make your mobile field shelter dreams a reality.

As you will see on our video, it is easy to tow even our largest 10.8 metre Mobile Building, this is due to the specific design in the towing frames.

Horse Stables Mobile Field Shelters

Mobile Field Shelters for Sale

Mobile field shelters planning permission is not required for mobile horse field shelters for sale, as they are classed as equipment rather than buildings. Our mobile field stables can be fully adaptable, contain tack rooms and have the added bonus of being mobile.

We offer conversion kits that can be bolted into a 2.1-metre opening to give you an excellent shelter whilst on the move. This is a real benefit when you need an extra box or isolation stable. Using quality timber of the highest grade all of our field shelters are environmentally and aesthetically pleasing. We always manufacture and install to the highest standards, and are proud to offer the best value mobile field shelters in the UK.

The Benefits of Mobile Field Shelters

While it may be tempting to purchase cheap mobile field shelters for horse, at Prime Stables we believe in investing in quality and our mobile field shelter prices reflect that. We work hard to manufacture mobile timber shelters at affordable prices. However, our top priority is building shelters that provide security for your horses and functionality for you.

Our field stables are extremely functional and easy to use. They can be towed from paddock to paddock and allow your pastures time to rest. When it’s time to get moving, simply tow your mobile field shelter to its new location. Available in a variety of sizes, you’re bound to find something suitable for you.

Contact Us Today

Get in touch today to discuss your mobile field shelter requirements. Don’t see a design that you like? Don’t worry; we are proud to offer bespoke design services to all of our clients. So, if you have any specific requirements in mind, please do not hesitate to get in touch. We would be more than happy to advise you and answer your questions. Call us today!

Expertly Manufactured Mobile Horse Stables and Field Shelters

All of our mobile field shelters plans re manufactured to the same high standard, quality and care as our stables. We re-designed the steel towing mechanism back in 2005 after speaking to a local breeder who was not happy with what the general market had to offer at the time. Since that day, we have never looked back knowing that our mobile field shelters are manufactured to suit the needs of our clients.

Strong Mobile Field Shelter Stables

At Prime Stables, we pride ourselves on the quality of our mobile field shelters. These structurally safe shelters are built on a steel towing frame. This specific towing frame was uniquely designed for a local horse breeder more than 10 years ago and our various designs have stood the test of time. Our testimonies speak for themselves and we constantly work closely with our clients to offer them with a professional and caring service.

Mobile Shelters the Right Size for Your Horse

It is important to have the right sized shelter for your horse, to ensure the correct protection is provided. Here at Prime Stables Ltd, we work with you to manufacture a mobile field shelter that suits the size and requirements of your horses. We manufacture to order, allowing us to easily integrate your requirements into the manufacturing process.

How to Move Your Shelter Easily

As you will see on our video it is so easy to tow even our largest 10.8 metre Mobile Building, this is due to the specific design in the towing frames, with the lugs being sited on the front and back skid. Some of the smaller mobile field shelters can be supplied and fitted with a timber towing frame if you so require. Our towing mechanism enables these buildings to be easily manoeuvred around paddocks.

You Can Expect Quality Craftsmanship from Us

At Prime Stables, we pride ourselves on designing and fabricating mobile field shelters making use of the finest materials possible. Our highly trained team of craftsmen will meticulously fabricate your buildings. Once complete, they will then hand over your build to our installation team who will then come and assemble your mobile field shelter.

What our Clients are saying…

Of course, it is easy for us to promote our mobile field shelters by saying how great they are, but what you need is real proof. That’s why we provide real testimonials from real clients, so you can get an idea of what people are saying about us. If you are impressed by what you see, why not get in touch today?

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