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Our Policies on Sustainability and Our Financial Advice

At Prime Stables, we wish to be open and honest about the materials we use and the financial advice we provide. To make sure we are doing this, we have created this page, which details our sustainability policy and the financial advice and information we can provide to clients.

Providing Sustainable Products

We believe that we are all but temporary custodians of Earth, and we should be showing it the love and care that we would easily give to our own homes. Despite this, every year an area half the size of the UK is cleared of natural forests and woodlands. These trees are known to be irreplaceable, and yet they are still taken from every continent and every climate, and their loss has been felt in profound economic, social, and environmental impacts.

This is why Prime Stables is proud to support the Timber Trade Federation’s Environmental Timber Purchasing Policy. This ensures that our timber is only taken from trees that have been grown and harvested in well-managed, sustainable forests. Under the close scrutiny and careful management of certified forestry control services, all the trees used in our products will also be replaced by new saplings to help oxygenate our planet.

As these new trees grow, they will absorb carbon dioxide and lock it into their wood, taking it out of the atmosphere and producing more oxygen in return. Cultivating these trees also ensures that our products are kept sustainable.

Using Kinder Timber Treatments

In recent years, it has been discovered that many traditional timber treatments have carcinogenic properties. These have since been found to potentially cause harm to both humans and animals, as well as the immediate ground area surrounding the sites of buildings. When the harmful properties contained within these treatments break down, there is a chance that they may also leach into the soil. 

As an environmentally aware firm with a commitment to preserving our land, our first option for supplying timber treatments is a high quality wood stain and preservative called Protek. This product contains chemicals that have not proven to be harmful to animals, humans, or the environment, so it is considered the kindest timber treatment by far.

Recycling Carefully and Responsibly

We are also dedicated to providing a responsible recycling initiative. This not only covers the timber we have used and all associated wastage, but also includes all materials and products used by us at every stage of our work. Having this initiative in place helps to minimise our impact on the planet and to shrink our environmental footprint.

Our Advice on Financing an Equestrian Business

We work alongside Kingsgate Finance to offer clients financial advice and expert information wherever they need it. For some enterprising horse owners or lovers, this guidance may mean the difference between dreaming about and actually setting up their very own equestrian business.

We have provided some tips, courtesy of Kingsgate Finance, below to start you on the journey to building your own thriving equestrian empire:

Consider Your Business Ideas

You will need to begin by deciding what type of business or service you would like to provide within the equestrian industry. Whether you would like to sell products, open a riding school, or lend working horses for hire, having a confident notion of what you would like to do is the first step to setting everything up.

For nearly every type of equestrian business, having a place to stable horses is a must. This may also be one of your larger financial worries, though purchasing your own has become far more affordable in recent years. It is also more than possible in many cases to spread the cost of your dream stable with a finance option.

Funding Your Business Model

Knowing how you will fund the cost of everything you need and all the investments you will need to make is key to your success. Consider whether you will use your own money, or ask for help and advice from a specialist finance company.

Forecasting Cash Flow

Once you have calculated how much it will cost to fund your enterprise for at least the first two years, you should be able to get an estimate of when your business will start to bring in profits. It should also give you a higher chance of succeeding.

It is of vital importance to ensure that you have enough money to cover any quiet periods, and this figure will need to be balanced out in your planning. It shouldn’t be so low that you have no room for growth or reinvestment, but it also shouldn’t be unrealistically high. 

Marketing Your Business

You should also begin to plan out how you intend for your business to be found by customers or clients. Using a range of different marketing techniques online, including SEO (optimising your company website so it can be found on Google) and making use of social media, should help you to reach new customers who have an interest in what you can provide.

You may also consider paying for advertising on Facebook or Google, or in equestrian publications. 

If you are intending to target a local customer base, having a Google business listing and advertising in local publications may also be beneficial. It is possible to register with many free online directories to help make this happen.

Creating Your Business Plan

Every business will need a plan, and should contain:

Getting Feedback on Your Idea

Creating a survey for members of the public who are in your target market is one of the most beneficial ways of getting feedback. It allows you to receive honest responses from people who have never met you and have no personal attachment to you or your enterprise. These responses may also provide details that would be overlooked in lighter chats with friends and family, both for things that are working and for things that are not.

Choosing a Business Name and Brand

There is no need to worry if you do not have the perfect name for your business right away. This can always be changed or modified at a later date. Your brand is the most important concept you will be displaying to your customers and clients, so understanding how you wish to present your company to them is key. 

Your brand colours should also reflect the values you wish to present. For instance, if you wish to present yourself as a friendly, gentle, nature-loving firm, you may wish to use colours such as green or blue. 

Registering Your Business

The last step will be deciding how to register your business. Would you prefer to be a limited company, or are you happier operating as a sole trader? Both offer their own benefits to your business, but you may need to discuss these options with your accountant before you make your decision.

You may also consider checking the tax banding and tax treatment of equipment with HMRC. All these details are readily available on their website.

Our Financing Options for Your Dream Stable

Whether you are buying a stunning new stable of the highest quality before you open your own equestrian business, or even if you are simply in need of fair financing options to give your horse the home he or she deserves, Prime Stables is here to help. We will work with Kingsgate Finance to provide you with the financing option that suits your needs best, alongside a crafted timber stable made to your exact specifications.

Everything we provide is manufactured to bespoke requirements, so you may rest assured that you will never receive a product that does not work for you or your horse when you choose our firm. Contact us to speak with a member of staff about placing an order today, or to ask any questions you may have before our craftsmen set to work on creating your perfect stable.

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