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Hand-Crafted Horse Field Shelters

No matter the weather, be it hot sun, cold winds or driving rain, a Prime Stables static horse field shelter provides superb protection for your horses. Our range is available in a variety of standard sizes, from 3.6m x 3.6m to 12m x 3.6m, with one, two or three openings.

All of our buildings are individually manufactured to order, so we can adapt the size and specifications to suit your individual requirements. Get your horse field shelter from the UK’s leading manufacturer of stables and timber buildings.

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Manufactured to Order | Variety of Sizes

horse Stables Static Field Shelters

What Are Horse Field Shelters?

Horse field shelters are conventional timber buildings, designed and built with the purpose of providing shelter for horses in fields, as well as other animals such as goats, donkeys and llamas. In addition to the timber framework, additional features such as a heavy-duty metal onduline roof, galvanised steel skids, and guttering are also common.

Static field shelters offer optimal, year-round weather protection for your horses when they’re exposed to the elements in outdoor paddocks. Built using the highest standard of long-lasting timber, a Prime Stables field shelter can also be designed to include supplementary areas such as food stores and tack rooms.

As opposed to our mobile field shelters or mobile stables, which rest on galvanised steel skids and can be easily transported using towing frames, a static horse field shelter is a permanent structure.

For this reason, a static field shelter does require some groundwork preparation. The most economical option is to use railway sleepers to create a perimeter base for the walls to sit on. Alternatively, a concrete base with a single course of bricks can be laid before the structure is built. For each option, on receipt of the deposit, we will provide you with a plan for your ground worker to follow.

Our static field shelters can be installed as stand-alone, free-standing buildings or incorporated within your stable block. Our bespoke service means that we are flexible with the dimensions of your field shelter. For example, a field shelter for two medium horses should measure around 7.2m x 3.6m as a guideline, whilst a field shelter for three medium horses would need to measure around 10.9m x 3.6m.

What Are the Benefits of a Horse Field Shelter?

There are many reasons why horse owners opt for a Prime Stables horse field shelter to house their horses. Depending on usage, advantages include:

We have a fantastic range of static horse field shelter designs for sale with bespoke options available. Browse our range online, find out more about our specifications below and contact our friendly team for more details.

Prime Range Stables Specification

Shiplap Cladding

Top grade redwood shiplap cladding 16mm x 150mm, fixed with 50mm sheradised ring shank nails.


The frameworks are manufactured with kiln-dried timber, 47mm x 75mm. All timber is regularised and strength graded for structural use to C16-C24.


All stables are kickboarded as standard to a height of 1.2m high with exterior grade 12mm WISA Spruce plywood – multiple 5 layered, for structural integrity.


Black Onduline roof with galvanised ridge.  Also available in green, brown or red.  The standard roof pitch is 15 degrees.  Purlins 100mm x 47mm, 125mm x 47mm, 100mm x 100mm.  Fitted to Onduline specification.


100mm half round black guttering with 50mm round downpipes are fitted as standard to the front of all buildings.  Back guttering is available.


Buildings are treated with an animal-friendly preservative product to a golden brown finish before leaving our workshop.

Other Details

All buildings are 2.2m to the eaves and approximately 2.9m to the ridge when erected on one course of bricks.  Overhang (if included) at 0.9m deep, supplied unlined.  Back and end panels come with a weather prevention DPC skirt to eliminate water penetrating the base of the walls.  All internal roof trusses are open to aid ventilation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Need Planning Permission for a Horse Field Shelter in the UK?

The main difference between our mobile shelters and static horse field shelters is that the latter is a permanent construction. Although there can be exceptions, you should therefore expect to request planning permission ahead of construction to ensure that you have the correct authorisation to build a permanent structure.

Our expert team can provide further information on planning permission requirements when buying a Prime Stables horse field shelter. 

How Much Does a Horse Field Shelter Cost?

Due to the bespoke nature of our field shelters for horses, pricing can vary depending on factors such as dimensions and additional features. We strive to manufacture all of our buildings to the highest standard, but ensure that they are cost-effective and competitively priced to provide you with the best value for money.
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