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Beautiful Horse Stables Installed by Our Team

If you have been searching for a new, luxury living space for your horses and ponies to call home, we can produce stunning wooden stables designed to meet your needs. We are delighted to offer a wide variety of designs, styles, and builds for horse stables across the UK, each of which will be crafted to the exact specifications and dimension requirements you have set with us.

If you want to find out more about our products and services related to stables, we’ve split our range into clear categories below. Or, alternatively, you can contact us right away if you already know what your horse or pony needs to truly be at home.

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Building Bespoke Horse Stable Designs

Building Bespoke Horse Stable Designs

Every stable should be created with the individual needs of your animals in mind, while also offering the features you need in dimensions that fit your property. This is why we manufacture each of our horse stables to the bespoke ideas and specifications of the purchaser, so you will always have the opportunity to ask for that modern home office, storage space, or even your own private workshop next to the stable itself. We’ll install sturdy horse stable walls and your choice of horse stable door, all built from quality materials.

Our Timber Horse Stables for Sale

We have a wonderful selection of stables available for you to browse through on our website as well if you’re looking for inspiration. Each of these can then be adapted and modified to suit your needs, before being delivered and installed by our team on a day that suits you.

Our Mobile Stable Ranges

For horse owners with more than one paddock who wish to rotate their usage, we can also offer a range of practical, easily-towed mobile stables and mobile field shelters. These are available in any chosen size, need little or even no ground preparation, and can even help you avoid delays in setting your animal companion up in a new home because they don’t require planning permission.

The most distinct difference between the two ranges is the towing frame:

Our Horse Stable Block Ranges

We have three separate ranges available for those looking for beautiful, permanently-placed horse stables for their animals, in an even wider range of shapes and sizes:

These designs will always be prepared to your exact specifications, and can be crafted to include extra features for you to make the most of your new building. Such features include tack rooms, covered walkways, and even space for a workshop or a modern home office.

Our Internal Horse Stable Ranges

Our builders are also able to craft three internal stable ranges that offer the same luxury standards and are manufactured using the same process as our full stable designs. Knowing this, you can feel confident that you’ll never miss out on the most comfortable experience possible for your horse, even if you simply decide to renovate the inside of an already-standing stable or barn design. Our internal stables are even given the same names as our full stable ranges ‒ the Prime Range, the Royal Range, and the Premier Range!

Our Specifications for Horse Stables and Horse Stalls

Specifications for our ready-made timber stables will vary, depending on the range you choose, but we can guarantee that all are crafted using kiln-dried timber and top grade redwood shiplap cladding. Doors are fitted to the stipulations of the design, and all full horse stable designs come with windows to allow for natural light to pass through into the stable interior. All exterior stables will also come fitted with guttering, and are treated with an animal-friendly preservative product to offer an aesthetically pleasing golden brown finish.

For more information on specific horse stables and their designs, please see their respective pages.

The Prices to Buy Our Wooden Horse Stables

As each of our stable designs is created and manufactured to the requirements and specifications of the purchaser, we, unfortunately, cannot offer a set list of prices. This is because our horse stable prices will vary depending on a series of factors, such as the size, the number of rooms, and any other particular features that the owner has ordered.

To give an example, a small stable block from our Prime Range that has a room attached to act as a modern office or extra storage space will cost less to build than a large U-shaped stable block from the Royal Range, which may be designed to complete a client’s new livery yard. This would be because of its size, and the complexity of the design.

However, we do not wish for you to worry about what this may mean for your budget. Instead, we will work closely with you to calculate the cost of your desired purchase, going through the prices involved with each feature. This ensures that you will only ever pay for what you would like to see and will use once the design has been crafted and installed.

Why Choose us For Your Luxury Horse Stables?

We are passionate about providing our clients with wooden horse stables, mobile field shelters, and internal stall doors and walls that offer exceptional quality and a truly comfortable living experience for any horse. We’re also happy to share a few of the reasons we think we can transform your outside space into the perfect home for all your beloved animal companions:

  • We are a family-owned and run firm and we make it our mission to listen to the needs and requirements of our clients. Once we know what you would like from our service, you will be guaranteed the high quality timber framed building you have requested.
  • Our friendly, dedicated members of staff will be fully prepared to assist when you contact us, and can help you to place your order.
  • All of our manufacturing work is carried out in our own on-site workshops, by a team of highly trained and fully qualified craftsmen and builders.
  • The timber used in our work is of the topmost quality and is specifically chosen for this purpose.
  • We have an in-house computer-aided design (CAD) team who can offer you planning drawings, should an application be necessary to complete your build.
  • Our fully committed team of builders will be ready and waiting to travel anywhere they’re needed in the UK, mainland Europe, or the Channel Islands to deliver the product and finish your installation.

What our Clients are saying…

Luxury wooden horse stables

Luxury Wooden Horse Stables For Sale

Prime Stables can create a comfortable and beautiful environment for your horses, by designing, delivering, and installing a bespoke horse stable that meets your every need. We will do everything we can to provide you with the wooden framed static and mobile stables, or even internal features, to meet all of your stabling requirements. The work will even be completed on a date to suit your schedule.

You should also speak to us today if you’d like any more information on our prices.

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