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American Barns are the ideal equestrian buildings. Everything is under one roof and away from the elements, providing you with a sheltered and dry working environment.

Provide Shelter | Everything Under One Roof | Work in All Weather

What are American Barns?

American equestrian barns are large timber buildings designed with internal stabling, tack rooms and everything you need to stable your horses safely and securely. American stable barns make an ideal home for your horses and are extremely popular in the UK equestrian market for their robustness and ease of use. Everything is under one roof and away from the elements, providing a sheltered and dry working environment.

As well as stabling your horses and animals, you can incorporate tack rooms, storage for hay and feed, along with a useful area for the farrier to work in all weathers. Inside, your farrier can work in a secure, comfortable and well-designed environment and all of your hay, straw and equipment is protected, giving your horses the luxury environment they deserve.

Prime Stables American barns are high-quality buildings designed to be convenient, secure and prioritise excellent ventilation without draughts.

Advantages of American Barns

Having a custom made American style barn for your horses has lots of advantages for both you and your animals.  It may be a bit more of an investment in the beginning, but most owners consider it a godsend when the weather is awful and everything is under one roof. Your horses get the best of both worlds, with great ventilation in the summer and a warm place to hide away when the weather gets particularly bad. All our barns are built with top quality timber to ensure it is warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

We have a wide range of styles and sizes to choose from, and we also offer a custom build service to design your American barn exactly how you like it.

American barn

How Much Are American Barns?

We have such a wide range of choices on American Barns for sale that the price you pay really depends on your specific requirements. A lot depends on how many horses you have, and what features you want added into your barn. We recommend your barn is placed on a stable footing, so you may need to get concrete foundations and a base, which also adds to costs. We work hard to keep our prices as competitive as possible and are happy to speak with you on the telephone to find an American barn that suits your budget.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Difference Between an American-style Barn and Traditional Stables?

The difference between an American-style barn and traditional stables lies in the construction and usage of the buildings. Typically, traditional styles consist of several adjacent stables, with individual stable doors that open out onto an outdoor area. These can be static or mobile buildings, depending on the intended use.

American barn construction is more comprehensive, with several horses housed in one building, along with additional functional rooms and features such as an onduline roof. Although individual stables are common, the open plan and central hallway of an American barn makes it more sociable for the horses being housed there.

What are the pros and cons of an American barn?

American barns are generally considered a fantastic alternative to traditional stabling or loose boxes. Benefits of American-style horse barns include:

Although American barn stabling is popular in the UK, some drawbacks to consider might be:

Do you offer bespoke American style barns?

At Prime Stables, we are able to design, build and install high-quality American barns which are bespoke to your needs. Be it sizing, supplementary rooms required or additional features such as talk grilles or top doors, our builders will be happy to help realise your bespoke designs.

Are stables barns?

There are some notable differences between a stable and a barn. Although both are agricultural buildings and might be considered interchangeable, a stable is generally used to house horses, whilst a barn might be used for wider purposes such as storing machinery or other livestock.

However, an American-style barn is multi-purpose and could be considered both a barn and a stable, as it houses horses but also contains other rooms which are more characteristic of a barn, such as tack or feed rooms.

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