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Build What the World Can Afford

Every year an area, half the size of the United Kingdom is cleared of natural forest: temperate and tropical, North and South and on every continent. These forests, which once covered half of the planet, are irreplaceable and their loss has a profound economic, social and environmental impact, therefore we as a company support the Timber Trade Associations Environmental Timber Purchasing Policy.

We are all temporary custodians of our planet and Prime Stables as a company will ensure that your timber buildings are built from trees that are harvested from well-managed, sustainable forests.

Therefore, the timber used to produce your buildings has been sourced from well-managed resources, under the scrutiny of certified forestry control, which means that all trees harvested and used by us are from forests that are re-planted thus helping to oxygenate our planet.

By using timber from this resource, we are genuinely helping the environment. As trees grow, they eat up carbon dioxide and lock it in to the wood. By purchasing your new buildings from Prime Stables, you will effectively in a small way be helping our planet to heal.

Timber Treatment

Over recent years, traditional timber treatments have been found to contain carcinogenic properties, which could prove to be harmful to the health of humans and animals, along with the ground immediately surrounding the area where buildings are sited.

Pressure treated or CCA timbers are terms for a wood preservative system based on copper, chrome, and arsenic. Pressure treated timber can leach high amounts of extremely toxic and other harmful properties, which eventually when finally broken down can leach into the soil.

As a company that is environmentally aware, we supply as a first option an animal friendly treatment that contains no arsenic or any of the other proven harmful chemicals. For the immediate future upon request, we will supply CCA treated timber at no additional cost.

Recycling Policy

To further protect our environment, Prime Stables have set in place a recycling initiative that covers not only the timber used and the associated wastage but also all materials and products used by us in any way to once again minimize our company’s environmental impact on our planet.

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