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Garden Rooms For Customers Based in London

We build bespoke garden room designs across the UK, including North and South London. People can add value to their property in London by adding such a space.

The wonderful thing about outside structures is that people can use them for many purposes, depending on what they want. Whether it’s a gym or a cosy private study, there are many possibilities.

We create all of our garden buildings, no matter what their use, using the best Sussex timber. This helps create a luxurious wooden feel that fits with what our customers require.

Garden rooms

Garden room varieties

Building a wide range of garden rooms is essential to the bespoke design services that we provide. This is particularly true in London, where a garden room must fit precisely within the available space a person may have.

There are many varieties, for example garden rooms with an outdoor space can provide a versatile area and cover in the event of rain. Another variety is a design using a combination of a garden room and a store. This is useful if people require a building with multiple uses.

We are confident we can deliver a bespoke solution that meets every requirement, whatever the needs of our customer.

How to use your garden room in London?

Garden rooms can give people a valuable extension to their storage space or add a sleek modern building for use as an extra living area.

In London, certain types of extension can be more challenging than others in terms of planning. Thankfully garden rooms are relatively simple and are a much less costly project.

Common uses for a garden room include the following:

  • Work: Garden rooms for work are becoming more common as people increasingly work from home offices. Modern garden rooms can provide power and internet connectivity easily. They are also suitable for small teams.
  • Creativity: Hobbyists and professionals alike can benefit from a garden room, especially in a city space where the area is at a premium. Music or recording studios, rehearsal spaces or even a nursery are all potential uses.
  • Living and relaxation: A private garden room can give people a bespoke and personal space to live and relax. We frequently design and manufacture functional and comfortable outdoor lounges or games rooms.

Uses that some past clients choose for our garden rooms include storage or multi-use functions. People can adapt multi-use garden rooms, so they can have different uses throughout the year as the seasons change.

We create a bespoke experience for customers across the UK and London – from design and manufacture to build and completion.

Will my garden room require planning permission?

A garden room will not ordinarily require planning permission. This is a relief to many householders, and a common question that our customers ask us about.

A kitchen extension is much more challenging than a garden room. The relevant planning permissions can be extensive. Kitchens also usually use building materials such as bricks and masonry, whereas garden rooms primarily make use of simple wooden materials.

People do not usually need to worry about planning rules in the case of a garden room – so long as they meet a few basic requirements. There are a few planning stipulations for garden rooms in the following areas:

  • Size: The height of the building is the chief concern. If it is over a certain height, there is a possibility that planning permission will be necessary.
  • Use: A garden room or summer house has specific restrictions on use. For example, people cannot use it for living or sleeping accommodation.
  • Area: The building must not take up more than half of the overall garden area.

The government provides a document, ‘Permitted development rights for householders’, on their website with more extensive details. We can explain planning possibilities to people in a lot more detail once they start working with us.

Some of our garden room designs

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Our versatility, expertise, and use of high-quality materials delivers our customers a high level of satisfaction. We believe a personal approach with bespoke customisation gives people exactly what they want.

The best way people can begin their journey to a modern garden room design in London, or elsewhere in the UK, is to request a callback so we can start today. People can also request a free brochure for more information.

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