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Timber Garden Buildings Designed for Your Needs

If you are looking for bespoke timber garden buildings, you have come to the right place. Experts in timber garden buildings, we manufacture all of our luxury timber garden buildings in Sussex from the highest quality timber. Because all our timber framed garden buildings are made to order, we can work to your specific requirements.

What better way to create some extra room than with one of our timber garden buildings? Whether you require an office in the garden, a games room, an art studio, or just a place to relax in during the summer, we design and manufacture garden buildings to suit your requirements.

Scroll down to browse our range of timber garden and office buildings.

Our Range
  • Garden Building

    This garden building is 10m x 4.5m with a 1m front overhang. This client wanted as much light as possible inside and chose the long windows and fully glazed double doors.We also supplied and installed the decking underneath the overhang and in front of the doors. Inside we installed a timber floor throughout.The roof is Timber Cedar shingle, again, supplied and installed by ourselves.(Price on request)

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  • Garden Building with Open Area

    This garden building is 11.7m x 3.6m with a 0.9m front overhang, including support posts and curved angle braces.Our client wanted the building to look like stables with an open area for entertaining.Roof is Cedar Shingles.

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  • Office Building

    This office buildings is 11m x 7.4m. Supplied with casement windows & half glazed doors.We manufactured & installed the main structure which included insulating walls & ceiling.Interior fixings & decoration were carried out by contractors.(Price on request)

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  • Garden Room & Store

    This building is 6.6m x 3.9m and has been split into a tractor store and a small garden room with a 1m front overhang.The store includes a set of barn doors (to the rear) and the garden room includes glazed double doors to the front and a casement window to the rear.We also supplied and installed the decking underneath the overhang . Inside the garden room we installed a timber floor.The roof is red felt shingles and includes roof windows for additional light and ventilation.

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  • Home Office

    This building is 3.6m wide x 2.4m deep plus a 1.2m front verandah. Includes two fixed windows, 0.631m wide x 1.2m high and a set of glazed double doors, 1.2m wide.We also supplied and installed the decking on the verandah. Inside we installed a timber floor throughout.The roof is red felt shingle.

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  • Garden Buildings in Kent Designed for You

    This garden building is 10m x 4.5m with a 1m front overhang. This client wanted as much light as possible inside and chose the long windows and fully glazed double doors. What better way to create some extra space than with one of our garden buildings? Whether you require an office space in your garden, a games room, a garden studio, or just a place to relax in during the summer months, we have the solution.As experts in timber buildings, we can design, manufacture, and install high-quality garden buildings in Kent. Because all our buildings are made to order, we can work to suit your specific requirements. Scroll through our range on offer in Kent to find the perfect design for your property. This garden building is 10m x 4.5m with a 1m front overhang. This client wanted as much light as possible inside and chose the long windows and fully glazed double doors.We also supplied and installed the decking underneath the overhang and in front of the doors. Inside we installed a timber floor throughout.The roof is Timber Cedar shingle, again, supplied and installed by ourselves.The Timber Garden Buildings We Sell in Kent If you are trying to find the perfect garden building for your property, we sell a wide variety of garden building designs. Whether you are looking for a brand new office building, extra storage, or somewhere to host your friends during the summer, we have a variety of high-quality timber buildings for sale. View our range below. Traditional Garden Buildings: sometimes, you just need a space to relax where you can get away from it all. We are proud to sell and install a range of buildings made from high-quality timber to ensure durability, longevity, and the perfect addition to your outdoor space. Click here to discover our range of garden buildings available in Kent. Buildings with Open Areas: if you love entertaining outdoors, but you need a space that can handle the changeable British weather, our garden buildings with open areas are the ideal solution. Spend more time in your garden than ever before. Click here to discover our range of open area garden buildings.Office Buildings: working from home is a luxury for many, but it can be difficult to achieve a good work-life balance without a designated home office. However, there is no need to worry because we have the ultimate remote working solution. Our office buildings are made from quality timber and professionally installed on your behalf, providing you with a comfortable working space that helps you leave your work at the office. Click here to find out more about our office buildings in Kent.Garden Room and Store: if you own horses or other animals, it’s likely you are always looking for new storage solutions. We don’t think you can ever have enough storage and that’s why we manufacture garden rooms with storage included. Click here to discover our range of garden rooms with additional storage. We Build Garden Buildings in Kent that Inspire If you are considering the installation of a garden building in Kent, why not browse our range of designs. We make timber buildings to suit the requirements of our customers, so we are sure to provide a design that suits your property’s style. As experts in timber manufacturing, we have the expertise and experience to create beautiful buildings that you can be proud of. What Makes Our Garden Buildings Different? You may be wondering what makes our garden buildings different from others on the market. Well, the simple difference is passion. We are a family business passionate about quality, customer service, and providing results. We are highly respected within the garden building industry and we know what it takes to deliver products that suit the expectations of our clients. At Prime Building Solutions, we work with you, listening to your needs, so that we can manufacture and install a garden building that far exceeds your expectations.The Benefits of Choosing Prime Building Solutions  There are a number of advantages to choosing our services when opting for a garden building, but below are some of the most popular: Our installation team will work to expertly install your garden building to a high professional standard. Our friendly team are available to guide you through the entire process, from the planning stage right through to the installation. Our team of skilled craftsmen will manufacture your new garden building using the highest quality timber. Our in-house CAD team can assist you with the architectural drawings of your garden building, should you require any for planning applications. Call Us Today If you want a brand new garden building, professionally designed, installed, and wrapped up in an affordable price, Prime Building Solutions have the solution for you! Call us today to discuss your requirements. Our friendly team would be more than happy to answer your questions. (Price on request)

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  • Garden Rooms | Gyms, Studies, Music Studios & More

    Unlike other wooden garden room suppliers Prime Stables specialises in providing clients across the UK with bespoke oak garden rooms. We design and build garden rooms to match your exact requirements and provide a free quote before construction. This means you have full rule over customisation and our team have over 20 years’ experience within the oak construction industry.Whether you are looking to build a new home gym in your garden for summer workouts, a study room built to suit your perfect working environment or a sauce storage room to fill with garden equipment and lawn furniture. You supply the design or explain your ideas, and we will build it.As all designs are made bespoke, your both the quote for your garden room and its final design will be unique. Take a look below at some of the exceptional garden rooms we have designed for our past clients. Alternatively, call or email Prime Stables today to begin discussing your requirementsGarden Rooms Designed for Past ClientsGarden rooms with outdoor spaceThis base design provides a foundation to base your ideas upon. You may want to transform the inside of your garden room into a study but leave the exterior as a place to relax and unwind after a hard day's work. This two-bit garden room offers the best of both worlds and you have full  roam over how you choose to design it. Contact our team to see what we can do for you.Private garden roomsDesigned primarily for the studiers, workers and creatives, these smaller, private garden rooms are perfect for relaxed working. Smaller than our other garden rooms, this design can be customised to create a truly unique and cosy working or creative environment. Whether you’re looking for a quiet place to work away from home, or need some extra room to work on creative projects, we can design something special for you.Speak to our team to see what we can build for youAdaptable garden roomsOur all-round versatile garden room. This foundation is great for clients who require a garden room for a multitude of purposes or uses. You may not know exactly what you want the room to be for, or maybe you want it to serve multiple uses; a storage unit in the winter and a garden entertainment area in the summer. This is our most versatile garden room and is perfect for clients who want to get a multitude of uses from their room.The possibilities are endless with this versatile garden room. Get in touch with our team to be inspired.Garden rooms turned to officesIf you are a start-up, SME or have a small team that would prefer to work from home but have a professional office to base your operation, our garden office rooms are the perfect solution. They can be designed to meet any size requirement to ensure your staff fit comfortably in this space. Being made of oak, our garden offices provide fantastic insulation combined with stunning indoor and outdoor aesthetics. This is truly unique and personal office space that you would never find in any city space. Work from home with passion and professionalism with a garden office room from Prime Stables. Garden rooms for storageIf you are simply looking for a new space to store your garden furniture, logs for the winter or sports equipment, our garden storage rooms may provide the solution. From needing to free-up room in the house, to finally getting rid of that tired garden shed, our premium garden storage rooms combine quality oak designs with practicality. Your garden storage room will thrive throughout the seasons and become an essential part of your garden space.Clean up your home and garden today with our garden storage rooms.A Word About Planning PermissionMany of our clients ask us about the rules and regulations that govern planning permission regarding building a garden room on their land. In most cases, you will nor require planning permission for us to build one of our garden rooms on your land because they are less than 30 square metres. While we are able to provide garden rooms at any size, be aware that the higher and bigger you go, the more likely you will need to acquire planning permission. Here are a few tick boxes to check regarding whether or not you will need planning permission: Ensure that the floor area of the garden room is no more than 15 square metresThe garden room must be two metres or more away from the boundaryThe room must not exceed two meters from the ground upYour garden room must not be closer to the road than your actual houseFor more information on planning permission, please visit Gov’s page on planning permission or get in touch with our team if you have any related questions.Make Your Garden Room Unique With Prime StablesIf you require any help or advice regarding your garden building, please do not hesitate to contact our team. After speaking to our team, we will work with you throughout the project to ensure that your room meets your requirements.Simply choose a base design from the above options and you’re now ready to begin the installation process.Purchase your garden room today and transform your garden

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The Timber Garden Buildings We Sell

Timber Garden Buildings

Garden Building

Sometimes, you just need a space where you can get away from it all. Our timber garden buildings provide the comforts of home in the tranquillity of your garden. Made from quality timber, our garden buildings are durable, aesthetically pleasing, and the perfect addition to your outdoor space. Click here to find out more.




Timber Garden Buildings x 2

Garden Building with Open Area

If you enjoy entertaining and you want a space outdoors that is ready to handle all kinds of weather conditions, this garden building is the perfect choice. Spend more time in your garden than ever before from the comfort of our garden building with an open area. Click here to find out more.



Office Buildings

Office Building

The perfect home away from home, our office buildings help you achieve a good work-life-balance. If you work from home, contact us. We have the ultimate remote working solution. Click here to find out more and learn how to leave your work at the office once and for all.




The Garden Room and Store

Garden Room and Store

There comes a time when we all need more storage space in our homes. But rather than clutter up your space, why not add some extra storage in your garden?

Our garden room and store provides the extra space you need. Click here to find out more.



Home officeHome Office

Do you need a small office space suitable for one? Our timber home office is the perfect solution. Complete with a small decking area and veranda, you can even work outside if you want to. Do you work from home? Work in comfort from your garden with one of our timber home offices. Click here to find out more.

Garden & Office Buildings Specification

Shiplap Cladding

Top grade redwood shiplap cladding 16mm x 150mm, fixed with 50mm sheradised ring shank nails.


The frameworks are manufactured with kiln-dried timber, 47mm x 75mm. All timber is regularised and strength graded for structural use to C16-C24.

Wall Lining

Interior walls are unlined as standard, but various lining options are available. Please call us on 01403 823 836 for more information.


Raised timber floor throughout. Decking included to the front edge of overhang/verandah (if applicable).


Black Onduline roof with matching ridge. Also available in green, brown, or red (see optional extras). Purlins 100mm x 47mm, 100mm x 100mm. Fitted to Onduline specification. Apex roof is lined with moisture-resistant smart ply. The standard roof pitch is 20 degrees.


Doors are softwood panel doors, glazed with toughened glass. Fitted with a mortice lock.


100mm half round black guttering with 50mm round downpipes are fitted as standard to the front of all buildings. Back guttering is available.


Fixed light double glazed windows, 625mm wide x 1195mm high. The quantity depends on the size of the building. Other windows are available.


Buildings are treated with an environmentally friendly preservative product to a golden brown finish before leaving our workshop.

All buildings are 2.2m to the eaves. Ridge height varies between 2.8m and 3.2m depending on building size.

Luxury Timber Garden Buildings: Designs to Inspire

Do you want a timber garden building for your property but you are unsure which design to go for? Our team is here to help! As experts in timber manufacturing and installations, we know what it takes to design something beautiful that you can be proud of.

We are among some of the finest timber manufacturers in the country. So, if you want high-quality timber building designs and professional installation, all wrapped up in an affordable price, Prime Timber Buildings have the solution for you.

Bespoke Timber Garden Buildings Made for You

At Prime Timber Buildings, we are passionate about designing and manufacturing timber garden buildings that suit the needs of our clients. That’s why, whatever your requirements, we provide bespoke solutions. Our team of craftsmen can manufacture timber garden buildings that suit your specific requirements so that you are left with a space that suits your needs and lifestyle.

We know that everyone is different and that’s why we work hard to meet the individual needs of each client we serve.

How to Build a Timber Garden Building: Planning Permission

One of the most common questions we get asked is whether planning permission is required for timber garden buildings. If you want to convert an existing garage into habitable use, building regulations will apply. In the UK, you can build a variety of timber buildings in your garden without the need for planning permission. However, it is important to view specific information for timber building conversions here.

Modern Timber Garden Buildings and Our Roof Finishes

Here at Prime Timber Buildings, we know that everyone wants something different. That’s why we are proud to offer various roof finishes, including: Onduline, onduvila, felt shingles and cedar shingles, along with various options on doors and windows. Our timber building roof finishes are the perfect addition to timber home offices, summer houses, insulated garden rooms and Dinky Donkey buildings

Be the envy of your neighbours with our beautiful timber building roof finishes. Whatever finish you are looking for, speak to our experts. With the support and advice of our team, you are bound to find something that suits both your taste and budget.

Our Timber Framed Garden Buildings UK

If you work from home, you know the joy of having a flexible schedule. However, you may also know the frustration of having so many distractions. What’s more, working from home without a designated office space can make it difficult to achieve a positive work life balance.

Our timber office buildings provide a beautiful working environment that is separate from the house, but with all the comforts and functions you would expect. Let our timber offices take the stress of work away from the home. Call us today. We would be more than happy to help create a functional work space that works for you.

What Makes Us Different?

We are Prime Timber Building Ltd, a family-run company passionate about quality timber buildings. As highly respected experts in our industry, we know what it takes to design quality timber buildings. We are proud to work alongside our clients, listening to their needs and manufacturing buildings that suit their requirements.

The Benefits of Choosing Prime Timber Buildings

There are many reasons why you should choose us for your timber garden building purchase, but below are some of the most popular:

  • Our friendly team are available to guide you through the process, helping you choose the right timber buildings to suit your specific requirements.
  • Our in-house CAD team can assist you with architectural drawings for your planning applications.
  • Our team of skilled craftsmen will manufacture your new garden timber buildings using the highest quality material.
  • Finally, our installation team will expertly install your timber framed garden buildings to a professional and exceptionally high standard.

Call Us Today to Discuss Your Requirements

If you do not see what you are looking for, or you would like to discuss any specific requirements you may have, please call us! We would be more than happy to help answer any questions you may have.

What Our Clients Say About Us

  • Admin Ladies. Just a quick note to say thank you so much for great service! Both in the office & the boys on site have completed a superb project & I’m delighted! Thank you, Su Pedersen

    Su Pedersen from Gloucestershire - Received 24th April 2018
  • Hi Sarah Many thanks for our stables and the guys were fantastic. I’ve liked your Facebook page and I’ve sent you some more photos for your page!! The doors are the perfect height for Briagha and Maisie and I thought Briagha in the corner might be in the dark, but the light strips on the roof and the windows have made it nice and bright for her. The bigger box is my spare for a potential Briagha and foal – not next year, but the year after!!! Another little Falabella hopefully! Who knows – I might need you back to build some more stables !! Thanks again. Pauline Young

    Pauline Young from Aberdeenshire - Received 31st August 2016
  • Dear Sarah and Natasha, Just to let you know that our horses are now as pleased with the beautiful mobile shelter from Prime Stables as we are – it took them a little while to get used to it especially as the sweet chestnut tree behind it is currently bombing the roof with chestnuts! Thank you all, including the guys who built it and put it up for us. With best wishes, Laria

    Laria Warwick from East Sussex - Received 1st April 2017
  • Hi Sarah. The guys have just left. I am really is a real quality job. Very nice guys. I kept them supplied with tea every hour or two. Amazing how quickly they put it together!! We had a bit of a problem initially with the slope on the site, but I had ideas on solving tha. We worked together and they implemented a good solution. Thank you again for the way you have fulfilled what we wanted. Very satisfied customer!! Best wishes, John

    John Forest from Surrey - Received 2nd May 2018
  • Dear Sarah, Many thanks for final paperwork, and I understand Vikki's horse - "Apple" has quickly taken to her new shelter, and Vikki is very happy with the building. I've not see it myself, though I've seen the videos! I've forwarded your email to Vikki, and I'm sure she will also click that Facebook link for you too. Thanks again, and kind regards, George

    George Alexander from Surrey - Received 3rd February 2018
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