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5 Benefits of Equine Massage for Your Horse

About 60% of your horse is made up of muscle. Horses have adapted over time to carry the weight of a rider on their backs, but they can become tired and worn out and their muscles can become sore. As horse owners, it is us who have the responsibility providing care, so they can perform their daily tasks and activities as comfortably as possible.

Equine massage can help prevent injury in your horse and aid in effective and fast recovery. What’s more, the majority of horses enjoy equine massage and find it a relaxing experience.

1. Increased Flexibility

As horses age or experience physical problems or injuries, their flexibility may be compromised. Equine massage is positive as it can reduce muscle fatigue, inflammation, or tightness. Through stretching and massage techniques, equine massage ensures correct muscle alignment and improves the elasticity of the muscles. As a result, the flexibility of your horse is improved.

In a study performed by the Jack Meagher Institute, thanks to equine massage the stride length of a horse increased by 3.6% and at a walk and trot, 1.8% – a significant improvement after just a 20-minute massage!

2. Massage Helps Tackle Psychological Issues

If your horse is timid, fearful, or aggressive, massage can help relieve these problems. Many timid horses are fearful of touch or human interaction. Equine massage can help relieve these problems by slowly teaching a horse trust and gentle touch. Massage is a great way to bond with a difficult horse and will often be recommended by vets.

3. Aids Muscle Recovery

Equine massage is a fantastic way to aid muscle recovery. Massage will free the body from fatigue and cramp, as well as improving the access of oxygen to rich blood cells to help replenish the depleted stores and help repair any torn fibres.

Equine massage therapy is one of the most effective methods to use when encouraging muscle repair, swelling and fluid reduction, and healing after injury or illness. It is effective because massage warms up the muscles and helps improve blood flow through the body, helping to speed up recovery.

4. Massage Can Find the Problem

Equine massage is an effective way of finding the identifying the problem areas in a horse’s body. A professional equine massage therapist can be an extreme help to a vet, by finding the issue and then agreeing an effective treatment plan with your vet.

5. Equine Massage Provides Pain Relief

As we all know, massage encourages the release of endorphins and this rush of positive hormones can help relieve pain. However, this pain relief is only temporary, and a more long-term solution should be sought-after.

Why Do We Use Equine Massage Therapy?

Massage therapy is a method of prevention. It helps prevent numerous illnesses and physical or psychological problems in horses. Equine massage is one of the most effective ways to balance and maintain the musculoskeletal system, helping aid the horse’s body in its natural healing process.

Please Note…

Your horse should always be cleared by your vet before any equine massage treatments are commenced. This is particularly important for horses who have suffered injury or ill health.

Although there are many benefits of equine massage, it is not a cure-all option. However, scientific research has shown that equine massage can relieve discomfort and pan, improving a horse’s movement and inducing relaxation.

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