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Mobile Stables in Devon (Finance Available)

Prime Stables will provide you with a mobile stable unit to refuge your horse/s and animals against all weather conditions. Nevertheless, constructing a conventional stable yourself can require a great deal of time and effort. Additionally you will encounter roadblocks that our ancestors over 100 years ago would have never considered. Local councils will often require an extensive amount of paperwork and permits for any building on your property. There is a better answer to the problem. Buy one of the various mobile stables and mobile stable yards offered by Prime Stables Limited.

Easily Moved – Location Flexibility – No Planning Permission Required – Durable

Our Range
  • Mobile Field Shelter - Timber Towing Frame

    Mounted on a timber towing frame and available in sizes from 3m wide to 4.8m wide

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  • Mobile Field Shelter - Towing Frame

    Mounted on a Steel Towing Frame and available in sizes from 3.6m wide to 10.8m wide.

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  • Alpaca Shelters for Your Paddocks and Fields

    At Prime Stables, we are delighted to offer a large selection of expertly crafted and beautifully finished alpaca shelters for clients based across the country. With over 20 years of experience in providing accommodation that animals will love, you may rest assured that any shelter design we make for your alpacas will offer everything they need and everything you could want them to have. As our shelters are constructed on an individual basis, our prices are also calculated individually, but we will work closely with you to put together a design that fits your budget as well as your specifications. Whether you require a static shelter for just one paddock, or a mobile shelter for paddock rotation purposes, we will provide the perfect structure for your animals to call home.

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