Mobile Field Shelters

Prime Stables have rapidly become regarded by many as one of the UK’s top innovators of Field Shelters & Mobile Field Shelters. Often copied our designs and insight we believe are second to none.

No planning permission is required for the Prime Stables range mobile shelters. Call us now and we will explain in greater detail and furnish you with all the necessary documentation of this often misunderstood planning anomaly.

There are many advantages to owning Mobile Field Shelters.  Your shelter can be towed from field to field, thus reducing the need for a field shelter in every paddock.  Mobile Field Shelters do not need planning permission as they are classed as equipment rather than buildings.    Fully adaptable buildings that by simply bolting a stable conversion kit into the 2.1-metre opening, you will have a mobile, stable.  A real benefit when you need the extra box or isolation stable.  Using quality timber of the highest grade, environmentally and aesthetically pleasing.  Manufactured and installed to the highest standards.

“Experts in Field Shelters and Mobile Field Shelters”

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