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Welcome to Prime Stables

Prime Stables are timber stable builders and manufacturers of other timber buildings, providing a complete range of stable solutions for housing horses and other animals, garages and workshops for us mere mortals, delivering and installing throughout England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, Channel Islands, Belgium, France and other countries in mainland Europe.

We specialise in American Barns, Field Shelters, Mobile Field Shelters and more. We are the premier stable builders in the UK. Prime Stables are a company built around a passion for horses, people and animals with a strong desire to provide the best quality and care for all.


Every stable starts with a vision.

Your vision is the beginning, our mission is to fulfil that vision and set in motion your wonderful future.

Why choose Prime Stables for your individual vision?

It is easy to say that we will give the best customer service, supply top quality materials and tell you all about our factory etc. For us that is a given. You should expect all of that to be in place from any reputable supplier.

Prime Stables has been built around people.  People who love horses and animals, people who have businesses to run and the people employed within the company.

As a company, we are ethically minded, environmentally aware and forward thinking on all levels.

What will Prime Stables do for you?

1)   Your individual buildings will be expertly designed by a superb team.  You will have your own personal architectural consultant to liaise with.  Any changes to your design will be accommodated at any time within the design phase.

2)   The materials used are all carefully selected from a management team that have over four decades of experience.

3)   Your highly trained team of craftsmen will carefully construct your buildings.  Once complete, they will then hand over your build to the installation team who will look after you until your buildings are completed.

4)   As a valued client, we want you to tell all your friends about how you were looked after and the superb buildings that were supplied and installed.

5)   We know sometimes little things can go wrong.  It happens, not often, we will not lie.  But when they do it is at this time you know whether you have chosen the right supplier.

6)   Our vision is for your purchasing experience to be a pleasure, we want you as our valued client to feel confident you are being looked after by a highly trained team of professionals who care about you.

That is why it is not about us.  It is about YOU.

How can we help?

If you need help with anything at all, feel free to call us on 01403 823836, or fill in the form below and we’ll get right back to you.

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