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How to Save Money as a Horse Owner

Owning a horse can be a costly business. Their feed, bedding, vaccinations and veterinary costs to name a few all rack up a pretty significant bill. So, how can you save money as a horse owner? Well, here at Prime Stables, we have all the tips and tricks you need to save money in the stable. Read on to discover our money saving tips!

Don’t Overfeed Your Horse Forage

Many horse owners are known for overfeeding forage to their horses during the winter in a bid to keep them occupied. However, overfeeding forage to your horse usually finds you clearing up damp, inedible hay from the stale floor to then throw away. Many horse owners are surprised to discover they are overfeeding their horses, so it can be a great money saver.

To find out whether you are overfeeding your horse or not, you can contact your veterinarian who will weigh your horse, take some details of their health and give advice on how much and what kind of food you should be feeding your horse. After consulting their vet, many horse owners are surprised to discover they have been feeding their horse supplements unnecessarily and need to reduce the amount of food they provide. As a money saving tip, it is well worth looking into the amount of feed you give your horse.

Maintain Your Horse Supplies

It may seem like an obvious point, but keeping your horse equipment clean, dry and stored correctly can have a significant effect on the durability of the equipment. For example, if you’ve been outside in the rain, it is best to give your tack a quick wipe over with a saddle soap to prevent the leather from cracking or becoming damaged. This is the same for all horse equipment. You can save a significant amount of money on horse tack if you just look after it properly. It doesn’t take long to clean things off after a ride and take a little more care with them. It can sometimes be hard to find the motivation after a hard day at work but it is definitely worth it in the long run.

Drive Your Horse to the Vets

This money saving tip depends on how far away from you your veterinarian is based. However, regular or routine appointments (such as teeth or vaccinations) may be cheaper to complete if you drive your horse there yourself. Many horse owners do not realise this is an option. But with the price of the vet visiting your stables likely to be around £40 each time, making the drive yourself could be a good way to save a little money.

Look at the Products You Do Use

One of the first things you should do to save money in the stable, is check through all your suppliers and price compare with other companies. It maybe you are buying food and bedding, for example, that is much cheaper purchased elsewhere. You might decide to make a bigger purchase on a product such as rubber matting which is an expensive one-off payment but saves you significant money on bedding over a year. To find out more about rubber matting, click here. Just remember to seek recommendations, compare prices and do your research properly before committing to an alternative supplier. Thorough research is key! It can be time-consuming, but it could save you hundreds.

Visit Local Equestrian Car Boot Sales

If you love saving money, it is very likely you enjoy a productive trip to a car boot sale. There are plenty of equestrian car boot sales held throughout the year where you can find a variety of horse care items for half the price! Alternatively, you could take the time to clear out all your unwanted equestrian supplies and sell them on. What’s been taking up space in your stables or store room is likely going to be appreciated by someone else.

Bulk Buying is The Way Forward

One of the most cost-effective methods for saving money if you own a horse is to bulk buy feed, bedding, hay and other liveries. Bulk buying is a great money saver and, generally, you will get free delivery. If you have a space where you can store your bulk buys, I would highly recommend bulk buying any of the horse care supplies you need. Bulk buying is how to save money as a horse owner and it will be a great help!

Get Started Saving Money Today

There are various methods you can use to save money each year while owning a horse. Much of it depends on your circumstances, the needs of your horse, and the type of yard you have. However, my main suggestions would be to make a sheet detailing your yearly costs. Don’t leave anything out. This may be a bit scary, as seeing all your costs on a spreadsheet may come as a bit of a shock. But that’s when you can start looking through your list and considering where costs, however small, can be reduced.

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