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Rubber Matting for Horse Stables

There are so many varieties of rubber horse mats available on the market today that it can be difficult knowing which kind to choose. Rubber mattng is extremely durable, offering cushioning protection and comfort to your horse – whether in the stables or during transportation. The advantages of using rubber matting are limitless. Not only are they hardwearing, waterproof and shock-absorbent, but their non-slip surfaces increase grip in the wettest weather conditions.

Rubber matting for horses can be divided into two main types: those that are designed to allow for drainage underneath the matting, and those that do not. Here at Prime Stables, we would recommend that, if you are using non-draining mats, you use them in conjunction with some form of bedding to help with absorption.

Below, we have listed some popular rubber mats and the benefits of rubber matting in your stables. We hope that you find this article useful.

Solid Rubber Stable Mats

The traditional stable mats are made of solid rubber, making them heavy-duty and extremely useful for laying on various floor conditions. Once you have laid your solid rubber stable mat, it will stay put and will drain well. Naturally, a negative aspect of these mats is that they can be heavy to move and they need to be cleared by two people. But they are very popular for working stables.

EVA Stables Mats

EVA stables mats are made from foam and rubber. This material is ideal for stable environments as it provides the ultimate comfort and insulation for your horse. These mats are also brilliant as they drain well and do not harden over time. Unlike the solid rubber mats, the EVA mats are very lightweight making them ideal for an individual to clean and lift, if necessary.

Not Just for the Stable

Rubber mats are not just for the stable. They can also be fixed onto stable walls to add protective cushioning for a horse that regularly kicks or bites. By adding rubber matting to the stable walls, you also increase insulation in cold weather, ensuring your horse is kept extra comfortable and warm.

Rubber matting is also ideal for any area of ground in your stable or hard area that is prone to slipperiness. The extra grips these mats provide will reduce your risk of falling and can help avoid any serious accidents or injuries. Rubber matting is also ideal for lining the ramp of your trailer, allow for easy, non-slip access for your horse.

The Benefits of Rubber Matting

Rubber matting is becoming increasingly popular in both busy livery yards and private stables. Rubber mats are specifically designed so that the horse’s weight will compress the rubber, creating a comfortable and supportive surface for your horse to lie on. Combined with other bedding materials, there are many benefits to using rubber matting within your stables. Below, we have listed the benefits of rubber matting.

Non-Slip Protection

Horses can easily slip, especially in muddy stables and yards. Additionally, concrete floors present a particularly hazardous surface for your horse. Concrete floors can make it difficult for your horse to stand up. This can cause them to become panicked or frightened, flailing around on a concrete floor, making them far more likely to sustain an injury. Rubber matting offers non-slip protection and a more familiar footing for your horse, with a similar grip quality to that of natural ground.

Effective Insulation

Do you ever find that your stables are draughty and cold, especially in the winter? Despite the amount of bedding you provide for your horse and the constant supply of food, cold stables can often be uncomfortable places to be. You stables will be particularly cold and damp during the winter, especially if the floors are concrete. Rubber matting provides a wonderful alternative to cold concrete floors, allowing for improved insulation and greater comfort. For extra warmth, you can also attach rubber matting to the sides of your stables to keep in extra warmth and ensure your horse is well-cushioned preventing injury.

Rubber matting is a great way to add extra warmth and insulation into your stables. Without rubber matting, your horse is more exposed to damp or cold concrete flooring that can often be felt by the horse even through a generous spreading of hay. By insulating the stable with a layer of rubber matting, your horse will be far more comfortable and less susceptible to sickness during the winter months.

Provides Cushioning

Rubber matting is shock absorbent, caring for your horse’s joints. The matting gently moulds to the shape of your horse’s hooves, absorbing the strain of standing all day by offering your horse the comfort of soft surface to stand on. Rubber matting also reduces the risk of your horse pawing through its bedding to expose the concrete. This is common in stalls with traditional forms of bedding, such as straw, when a horse moves around in his stall a lot, kicking at the bedding. Rubber matting avoids the exposure of concrete by completely covering the floor and protecting your horse from injury.

Improved Levels of Comfort

Rubber matting also offers extra comfort. As mentioned before, rubber matting is shock absorbent making it kinder to limbs. Your horse will be able to stand or sit on rubber matting, without becoming uncomfortable. Often, straw bedding may look dry but it is usually concealing a high level of moisture. Reduce this problem with rubber matting and provide a drier environment for your horse, helping to reduce sickness.

Reduced Odour in the Stables

Who doesn’t like protection against foul odours? Especially in stables! Typically, with traditional bedding such as straw and wood-shavings, odour can cling to it creating a lingering smell that is unpleasant for all. Rubber matting, in comparison, allows for effective drainage and greatly reduces odours. By draining so effectively, rubber matting also reduces the amount of moisture becoming trapped in bedding and other areas of the stable, helping to keep your horse dry.

To ensure that your stables remain odour free, clean out the underside of your stable mats at least two or three times a year to ensure good upkeep of hygiene. Rubber matting is an excellent alternative to layers upon layers of traditional bedding that is not only changed daily but can also become quite costly.

Keeping Your Stables Dry

Rubber matting is specifically designed to be water-resistant, ideal for allowing a drier environment for your horses. Even if your horses do get wet, rubber matting is still easy to clean and it can dry in a surprisingly short amount of time.

Shortened Mucking Out Time

This is beneficial for both you and your horse. Cleaning horse stables full of straw bedding can be a long and laborious task. Whereas, cleaning rubber matting only takes a mere five minutes. For a thorough clean, power washing can easily be achieved. Some rubber matting can be fixed to the floor of your stable, while others can be fitted with the ability of lifting so that you can clean thoroughly underneath them. Rubber matting is a serious time saver and can significantly lighten your workload.

Rubber Matting Can Improve the Health of Your Horse

This is a big benefit. Every horse owner wants to keep their horse as healthy as possible. By purchasing rubber matting, you will be improving the health of your horse dramatically. Rubber matting offers a far softer surface for your horse to relax on and we all know that a more forgiving surface is a welcome relief to horses after an active day, helping aid in their rest and recovery. In fact, rubber matting has been known to speed up the healing process of injured horses due to its comfortability.

As mentioned above, by using rubber matting you will naturally use less bedding. Traditional bedding can create a lot of dust in your stables which is a known cause of respiratory diseases. Rubber matting protects your horse against this and is especially beneficial for horses with allergies and it reduced the need for straw bedding in the stable.


There you have it, rubber mats are a must-have product if you own horses. Here at Prime Stables, we have certainly found rubber mats to be something that we simply couldn’t live without. And we know that our horses appreciate them as well. We sell a selection of rubber matting in our shop here at Prime Stables, be sure to check it out. If you would like more information, please send us an email at and we will be happy to help you.

Do you use rubber matting in your stables? What have been some of the benefits you have noticed? Let us know in the comments below, we would love to hear from you.

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