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7 Essential Horse Supplies You Need   

Caring for a horse comes with a lot of responsibility and a whole lot of equipment! Horses are big animals and they require a lot of care. To care for your horse effectively and ensure he has everything he needs, there are some essential products you need for your horse. So, to help you out, I have written an article listing some of the essentials for anyone who owns a horse, regardless of whether your horse is kept on your own property or at a boarding barn.  

1. Horse Grooming Equipment

The importance of grooming your horse cannot be underestimated. Not only does regular grooming keep your horse in good health, it also improves your relationship with your horse. For a helpful guide on how to groom your horse, read my article here 

Most horses enjoy being groomed, but even those that don’t like the process, require it. If you own a horse, it is essential you have horse grooming equipment available. At a minimum, I would suggest you purchase the following horse grooming products:  

  • A Shedding blade  
  • A curry comb  
  • A hoof pick  
  • A soft brush

 2. Halter and Lead Rope for Everyday Use  

Purchasing a halter and lead rope for your horse is an important everyday item. A well-fitting halter and lead rope will help you effectively handle your horse. If you would like to make caring for your horse as easy as possible, I would recommend purchasing a halter and lead rope. This horse product is sturdy and long-lasting and it will break in an emergency if your horse tries to break free. This is important as it helps prevent injury. Buying a halter and lead rope is another essential horse product for an equestrian to have.  

3. Horse Tack and Why It’s Important

‘Tack’ or ‘Horse Tack’ is the general term for all horse riding equipment. To keep the fitness levels of your horse up, to improve your riding and to develop a positive bond between yourself and your horse, horse tack is essential. Your basic horse tack needs should include the following:  

  • A halter  
  • A saddle  
  • An appropriate saddle pad  
  • A bridle and bit  

Horse tack is invaluable if you own a horse and is one of the most essential horse equipment items.  

4. Horse Feed and Water  

If you own a horse that you keep at your property, horse feed and access to a fresh, clean supply of water is essential. Your horse needs to be properly fed and watered daily. It is important that you also provide a good pasture for your horse to graze during the day. For more information about the foods that your horse can eat, read my article here 

 5. Seasonal Horse Clothing is Essential  

Part of caring effectively for your horse is ensuring he is kept warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Purchasing seasonal horse clothing can help you care for your horse properly by providing for his basic needs. Of course, it is important you take into consideration the thickness of your horse’s winter coat, where he is stabled, and the weather where you live.  

Horse blankets and seasonal clothes come in a variety of warmth levels and styles. They can be worn inside the stable, in transit, or out at pasture and are an essential equestrian supply.  

6.  Protective Legwear for the Active Horse  

If you have an active horse that you take out riding often or that you are training for competitions, it is a good idea to invest in the appropriate leg protection. Leg protection, such as splint boots, help protect your horse’s legs from any bumps and scrapes during training. There is a huge variety of protective legwear available online and you can tailor the product to fit the needs of your horse. But if you have an active horse, protective legwear is a must!  

 7. A Large Supply of Treats, Of Course!  

Lastly, a daily essential that I cannot live without at Prime Stables is a large supply of horse treats. Horses love treats. From carrots to mints, I would highly recommend you stock up on your horse’s favourite treats so that you can reward him for good behaviour, encourage him to try something new and just treat him every once in a while. A bag of your horse’s favourite treats is a must for the stable!  

Start Shopping in Our Horse Shop Today

I hope my list has given you some inspiration. For further suggestions of horse care products, browse the Prime Stables shop. We have a variety of horse supplies available to you that will help you provide the best care possible for your horse.  

What Would be Some of Your Horse Care Essentials?

Do you own a horse? Are there any essential horse supplies that you think I have missed off my list? Let me know in the comments below.  

Of course, there are hundreds of horse products and supplies out there. It’s up to you to choose the best for your horse. If you have any questions, or you would like some more suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact Prime Stables today! The team would be more than happy to offer advice.  

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