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Create a Safe Haven for Rescue Horses With PRIME STABLES

We provide premium wooden shelters designed exclusively for horse rescue centres, prioritising the unique care and shelter needs of rescued horses. Our offerings seamlessly blend extensive equestrian expertise with seasoned craftsmanship, guaranteeing a safe and comfortable environment for the horses under your care.

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Providing Quality Shelter and Care for Rescued Horses

With over 20 years spent working with equestrian organisations, we are uniquely placed to understand the challenges rescue centres face in providing shelter and care for animals in need. Whether you face limited budgets, space constraints, or finding solutions resistant to heavy wear – our team has developed durable, customisable stables and field shelters to help you give rescued animals the best possible quality of life.

Our timber buildings are designed for low maintenance and longevity, promising a reliable investment in your horses’ welfare. With bespoke options to suit your specific requirements and finances, we aim to make top-quality shelters accessible for organisations dedicated to equine rescue and rehabilitation. Get in touch today to discuss practical solutions created with compassion.

Supporting Equine Welfare Through Quality Products

At Prime Stables, we aim to build strong relationships with rescue centres by providing compassionate service and cost-effective facilities. Our shared dedication to horse welfare drives us to deliver solutions that improve the quality of life for the animals in your care.

From initial planning to installation, we work closely with you to surpass expectations and ease the burden of shelter management. Read what our rescue and sanctuary partners have to say.

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Low-Maintenance Solutions for Horse Owners

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  • Custom Stables
  • Mobile Field Shelters
  • Hay Barns
  • Field Shelters
  • Shelter Accessories
  • Timber Buildings

Upgrade Your Equine Care With Prime Stables’ Shelters

The unique challenges of rescue centres call for tailored solutions. Our timber building range is designed to help streamline your shelter operations through durability, customisation, and easy maintenance. With limited budgets and space alongside diverse equine needs, quality shelter is essential yet requires careful planning.

Long-Lasting Durability

Our master carpenters use only the highest grade timber and construction practices to build robust, durable stables designed to withstand decades of heavy use from your rescued horses, maximising the longevity of your investment.

Fully Adaptable Designs

Work directly with our team to completely customise internal dimensions, doors, fixtures, and features to create stables tailored to each of your rescued horses’ unique needs, regardless of size, temperament, or special care requirements.

Quick and Efficient Construction

Our construction process is optimised to erect high-quality stables in an accelerated timeframe, minimising the duration your rescued horses are exposed to elements during building for their health and comfort.

Budget-Optimised Pricing

We offer sensible pricing scaled for rescue centres without compromising on robust materials and construction, helping you allocate your limited budgets wisely to facilities that will benefit your horses over the long term.

Low-Maintenance Upkeep

The resilience of our stable structures dramatically reduces ongoing maintenance needs compared to other buildings, freeing staff to devote more time to directly caring for and rehabilitating your rescued horses.

Eco-Friendly Materials

Our ethically and sustainably sourced timber coupled with non-toxic timber treatments ensure our buildings match the environmental values of your rescue centre.

Expert Guidance Every Step of the Way

Leverage our team’s decades of cumulative experience in the equine industry to get extensive advice tailored to your needs, ensuring smooth progress through every stage from planning to installation.

UK-Wide Delivery and Installation

We oversee logistics and provide professional on-site installation of your new stables at your rescue centre’s location anywhere in the UK, handling the entire process for you.

Partnering with Prime Stables

When it comes to providing high-quality, durable shelters tailored to your rescued horses’ needs, Prime Stables is an ideal partner for rescue centres. Here’s why:

  • Quality Craftsmanship: Our skilled carpenters use robust materials and quality construction techniques to create long-lasting shelters that withstand heavy use.
  • Custom Solutions: We work directly with you to create custom stables and shelters matching your individual requirements.
  • Full-Service Support: We provide guidance from planning to installation to maintenance, prioritising your needs.
  • Equine Expertise: With decades of experience, we understand the shelter needs of horses and how to optimally address them.
  • Eco-Friendly: From sustainable timber to non-toxic treatments, we align with rescues’ environmental values.

Contact Us Today for Stable Solutions

Get in touch today to discuss your mobile field shelter requirements. Don’t see a design that you like? Don’t worry; we proudly offer bespoke design services to all clients. If you have any specific requirements, don’t hesitate to reach out. We would be more than happy to advise you and answer your questions.

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