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Streamline Relocation With Our Mobile Field Shelters

Transporting horse shelters can be difficult logistically, often requiring meticulous planning, manpower, and resources. The need for flexibility in moving these shelters is crucial, especially for horse owners who frequently change paddocks or attend events. 

Traditional horse shelters fail to offer this ease of mobility, leaving you stuck with rigid structures that are difficult to move. But with our extensive range of mobile field shelters, you can streamline equestrian transportation once and for all.

a mobile field shelter with a gated entrance

Our Steadfast Transport Solution

Our family-run business specialises in high-quality timber buildings, and our mobile field shelters are no exception. They are built to last, featuring sturdy towing frames that ensure the structure remains intact during moves.

Our mobile field shelters stand apart from the rest, with:

  • No Need for Planning Permission: Our shelters are classed as equipment rather than permanent structures, giving you the flexibility to move them as you see fit.
  • A Range of Customisable Features: From tack rooms and hay barns to slip rails and metal gates. Our team goes above and beyond to tailor each shelter to your specific needs.

Key Features of Our Transportable Mobile Field Shelters

Our mobile field shelters come packed with features designed to make your life easier and your horses’ lives better:

  • Durable Towing Frames: Our shelters are built on robust steel towing frames, ensuring they can withstand the rigours of frequent moves without compromising structural integrity.
  • Easy-to-Use Towing Mechanism: Designed with lugs sited on the front and back skid, our towing mechanism allows for effortless manoeuvring, even for our largest 10.8-metre mobile buildings.
  • High-Quality Timber: We use only the finest timber in the construction of our shelters, ensuring both durability and a visually appealing finish that complements any setting.
  • Timber Towing Options: For smaller shelters, we offer timber towing frames as an alternative, giving you the choice to select the best fit for your needs.
  • Conversion Kits: Need an extra box or isolation stable while on the move? Our conversion kits can be bolted into a 2.1-metre opening, transforming your mobile field shelter in no time.
  • Expert Craftsmanship: Our skilled team of craftspeople take pride in every shelter they build, ensuring each one meets our high standards for quality and transportability.

Get to Know Our Range

Each of these models is built to the highest standards, featuring durable towing frames, high-quality timber, and expert craftsmanship. Customisable options are available across the range, allowing you to add features like tack rooms, hay barns, or metal gates as needed.

Explore these options and more to find the mobile field shelter that perfectly suits your needs and those of your horses.

Single Mobile Field Shelter with Overhang

Ideal for individual horses, this shelter comes with an overhang that provides extra protection against the elements.

Single Mobile Field Shelter with Metal Gate

Security meets mobility with this model. The metal gate ensures that your horses are safely enclosed, while the mobile design allows for easy relocation.

Mobile Field Shelter with Tack Room

For those who need extra storage space, this shelter comes with a built-in tack room. Keep all your equestrian equipment in one convenient location without sacrificing the shelter’s mobility.

Triple Mobile Field Shelter

Perfect for horse owners with multiple equines, this triple shelter offers ample space without compromising on the ease of transport. Move all your horses together in one go, and save on time and effort.

Double Mobile Field Shelter with Stable Conversion Kit

This versatile model can be easily converted into a stable, thanks to the bolt-in conversion kit. The metal gate adds an extra layer of security, making it a comprehensive solution for varied equestrian needs.

Mobile Field Shelter & Hay Barn

Combining a mobile field shelter with a hay barn, this model offers ultimate convenience. Store your hay in the same structure that shelters your horses, streamlining your operations.

More Reasons to Choose Our Mobile Field Shelters

The ease of mobility that our mobile field shelters provide allows you to rotate pastures effectively, promoting healthier grass growth and reducing soil compaction. This, in turn, creates a more nourishing environment for your horses. The planning permission-free nature of these shelters also saves you time and administrative hassle, letting you focus on what is important.

Our customisable features mean you get a shelter that is tailored to your specific needs, be it extra storage or specialised gates. The high-quality timber and expert craftsmanship ensure a durable and aesthetically pleasing structure, adding value to your property. And let us not forget the peace of mind that comes with knowing your horses are protected in a secure, comfortable shelter – wherever you go.

Select a Mobile Field Shelter That Suits You

Never settle for less when it comes to the care and comfort of your horses. Give us a call or fill out our contact form to discuss your specific needs with our expert team. Take the first step towards a more convenient, adaptable equestrian lifestyle today.

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