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Tired of the constant chore of keeping your horse’s stable clean? At Prime Stables, weโ€™ve designed our portable, customisable mobile field shelters to minimise daily stable care. With an open-air setup for maximum ventilation, lack of fixed walls and floors, and durable materials built to last, our mobile shelters are the convenient, low-maintenance solution your horses need.

a mobile field shelter with a gated entrance
Mobile field shelters and mobile stables East Anglia

Is Shelter Maintenance Draining You?

Our customisable mobile field shelters are designed to minimise the daily headaches of stable care for horse owners like you. Especially if you are:

  • Spending too much time mucking, sweeping and disinfecting the stable
  • Exerting yourself hauling heavy tools and supplies for cleaning
  • Fighting a losing battle against lingering odours and respiratory irritants
  • Dealing with persistent hoof infections from damp flooring
  • Battling flies, mice and other unwelcome pests
  • Lacking adequate storage space to corral supplies
  • Repairing kick marks, stains and other wear from use
  • Withstanding weathering damage from the elements

If you find yourself constantly battling these frustrations when it comes to keeping your horse’s shelter clean, it may be time to consider one of our low-maintenance mobile field shelters.

The Benefits of a Mobile Field Shelter

Our mobile field shelters provide the ultimate convenience for your equestrian needs.

  • Adjustable Placement: Position the shelter on your land for pasture rotation, wet weather or shade in summer, and easily relocate for events, renovations, or property moves.
  • Optimised Airflow: Multiple open panels prevent odours and humidity, ensuring better barn air quality for respiratory health. Adjustable curtains/screens adapt ventilation with changing seasons.
  • Minimal Fixed Elements: Lack of fixed walls, stalls, or flooring reduces mucking and sweeping. Easily disassemble for deep cleaning and reassemble quickly.
  • Built from Quality Materials: Durable timber construction stands up to use, non-toxic timber treatment protects against decay, and latching gates, roll-up doors, and reinforced roofing last for years.
  • Completely Customisable: Tailor your shelter size for your horses, add stalls, tack rooms, hay storage as needed, and select timber, colour, roofing, and design to match your style.
  • Seamless Installation: We estimate delivery and work with your schedule. Our installation minimises land disturbance and ensures structural integrity, with efficient assembly.

Flexibility and Customisation with Prime Stables

Experience the ideal blend of flexibility, customisation and masterful craftsmanship with mobile field shelters from Prime Stables. Specially designed to address the unique needs and constraints of horse owners, our shelters offer a seamless blend of mobility and adaptability.

Designed to bypass the common roadblock of planning permissions, these structures provide a practical and user-friendly solution to housing your equine companions.

Customisation Opportunities

Our mobile field shelters can be tailored to accommodate your unique space requirements and preferences. Whether itโ€™s adjusting the size, layout or additional features, we work alongside you to design a shelter that meets your specific needs.

Flexibility and Mobility

Our mobile field shelters offer a versatile, moveable solution for your horseโ€™s housing needs. The portability of these shelters grants you the freedom to relocate them as and when required.

Superior Craftsmanship

With high-quality timber and an experienced design team, we can create superior shelter solutions that optimise your available space while offering maximum protection and durability for your horses.

Get Hassle-Free Horse Keeping Today

Our mobile field shelters lift the burden of daily maintenance so you can focus on what matters โ€“ your horses. With weather-resistant materials and an open-air design optimised for hassle-free care, Prime Stables builds shelters that practically clean themselves.

Stop dreading chore time and contact us today for your free consultation.

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