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WOODEN HORSE Shelters for Year-Round Equestrian Training

For those seeking the best for their equine athletes and facilities, we offer low-maintenance stabling and excellent equestrian sports solutions. Combining extensive industry knowledge with master craftsmanship, we ensure your horses and athletes thrive in safety and comfort.

Bespoke Options | Cost-Effective Solutions | Superior Quality-Assurance | In-House Installation

Elevating Equestrian Excellence with Bespoke Facilities

With over 20 years of catering to equestrian sports, we understand the demands riders face in pursuing equine excellence. Whether it’s unpredictable weather, space constraints, or customisation needs, our team has developed an array of solutions that give you reliable, adaptable and low-maintenance timber facilities. We empower equestrians to achieve their athletic dreams.

With Prime Stables as your partner, you can focus on training and competition with confidence, knowing your horses are secured in environments optimised for health, safety, and peak performance. Go full gallop ahead with custom stabling that caters to your horses’ individual needs.

a mobile field shelter with a gated entrance

Excellence from Concept to Final Facility

We pride ourselves on building lasting relationships within the equestrian community through a shared passion for the sport, superior service, and enabling top performance. From the initial concept to the final facility, we work hand-in-hand with riders to transcend expectations.

Custom Equestrian Facilities for Riding Schools

  • Bespoke Stables
  • Mobile Field Shelters
  • Custom Tack Rooms
  • Training Arenas
  • Paddocks
  • Timber Buildings

Reach Your Equestrian Goals Faster with Prime Stables

Whether you need to maximise limited space, meet customisation requirements, train year-round, or manage budget constraints, our bespoke buildings and amenities provide solutions optimised for your needs. We collaborate with you to understand your specific goals and limitations, then leverage our expertise to craft the ideal facilities to drive your equestrian dreams forward.

Custom Designs for Every Equestrian Discipline

Our team assesses the unique needs of your equine athletic program and then engineers bespoke stables and amenities for optimal performance. We design each timber building around your horses, riders and goals.

Built to Withstand Rigours and Last

Using quality materials and construction, we handcraft durable structures designed to serve your equestrian needs for the long run. Our stables are made to withstand daily use and continue enabling excellence for years to come.

Shelter Wherever Your Training Takes You

Our mobile field shelters provide protection on demand, offering refuge wherever your training, events or competitions take you and your equine athletes. Set up a reliable shelter quickly when and where you need it.

Low-Maintenance for Efficiency

With easy-to-clean finishes and robust construction, our stables and shelters require minimal upkeep and maintenance. We build them so you can focus on horses, not facilities.

Eco-Friendly and Sustainable

We responsibly source all timber and use non-toxic treatments. Our buildings blend into natural settings while meeting equine needs for generations, reducing environmental impact.

Seamless Guidance from Start to Finish

From initial plans to completed structures, our knowledgeable team provides guidance and support every step of the way. We make the process smooth so you can train and compete.

Prompt Installation and Delivery

We handle delivery and installation efficiently at your chosen location so you face minimal disruptions. Your new stables will be operational before you know it.

Total Assurance of Safety and Quality

Certified, insured, and vetted, we build facilities that meet equine safety standards and building code requirements. You can be confident in our uncompromising quality.

Partnering with Prime Stables?

When seeking stables and facilities to progress your equestrian goals, Prime Stables is your ideal partner. Here’s why:

  • Bespoke Craftsmanship: Our experienced craftsmen hand-build each stable tailored to your horses’ needs with meticulous attention to detail and quality-assured materials.
  • Customised for Every Athlete: We collaborate to create solutions aligned with your discipline, horses, climate, and specific requirements to optimise performance.
  • Equestrian Expertise: Our decades catering to equestrian sports inform the engineering of every paddock, shelter, and facility we create, enabling excellence.
  • Sustainable and Eco-Friendly: We uphold green values through responsible sourcing, non-toxic treatments, and designing each product for enhanced durability and longevity.
  • Full-Service Support: We provide guidance from initial plans to installation and beyond, handling the process smoothly so you can focus on your program.

Find Your Winning Sports Building Today

Don’t just dream about your ideal equestrian facilities – make them a reality with the custom craftsmanship of Prime Stables. Reach out today so we can start building structures to help you and your horses achieve more.

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