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Our Top Mobile Field Shelters

Here at Prime Stables, we pride ourselves not only on our top-quality customer service but our ability to provide these customers with our personal, hand-built craftsmanship.

We firmly believe that each mobile field shelter we build matches the customer’s wishes and desires. Everyone has different tastes and we make it our personal aim to ensure that our craftsmanship reflects our customer’s demands.

We’ve handpicked our top mobile field shelters to give you an idea of what sort of build you may be looking for.

What Are They?

Mobile Field Shelters are a perfect solution If you do not own the paddocks on which your horses are kept, are experiencing difficulties obtaining planning permission for a permanent structure – or need a quick solution to shelter your horse or other animals.

Mobile Stable Yard

A compact and strong sturdy unit. This is the This is a unique mobile unit, 10.8m by 3.6m and includes two 3m by 3.6m stables, 18m tack room with floor and 3m x 3.6m haybarn.

Double Mobile Stable Yard

The mobile unit is built on a steel towing frame and obviously includes 2 complete stables. At 1.2m high, it allows plenty of room for your horse and with front guttering, sliding windows, and standard chew strips fitted to the bottom doors.

Mobile Stables (Conversation Kits)

This is one of our 7.2m x 3.6m mobile field shelters. These are fitted with two of our stable conversion kits with a 0.9m overhand and front guttering.

Triple Mobile Stables 

This mobile unit obviously houses up to 3 horses. The unit is built solely on a steel frame and consists of 3 complete stables, kick-boarded to 1.2m high, with front guttering, sliding windows and standard chew-strips at the bottom doors.

Single Mobile Stable (Stable Conversion Kit)

The smallest of our units, but rest assured just as much goes into them! This unit has no overhang, and is 3.6m by 3.6m, this has been crafted with one of our stable conversion kits, meaning the stable can be converted back to a mobile field shelter.

Mobile Field Shelters

There is a difference between a shelter and a stable.

Here at Prime Stables our field shelters are just as well crafted as our stables. There are also many advantages to owning a mobile field shelter, such as the fact it can be easily towed from field to field, therefore reducing the need for a field shelter in every paddock.

All of our field shelters are mounted on a timber towing frame and available in sizes from 3m wide to 4.8m wide.

Mobile Hay Barn/Store

Here is an example of one of our 4.5m x 3.6m Mobile Field Shelters fitted with our 2.1m wide barn doors. These are also available with a 0.9m front overhang and include a timber towing frame. They’re kickboarded to 1.2m high and exterior grade 12mm plywood.

There is also an option to include a raised timber floor – though, please call for more details regarding this.

Single Mobile Field Shelter – With Overhang

Small, compact and well-built. This is very easily built and is a stunning example of how simple is sometimes best. It features a timber towing frame and comes in 3.6m by 3.6m layout.

There is also an option to have no overhang.

Single Mobile Shelter with Metal Gate

Here is an example of of what your single mobile field shelter would look like with a gate. The gate is placed in order to keep other animals out and simply to add more protection to what lies within the shelter.

If you’d prefer a wooden gate or stable conversion kit, these are also viable options. Again, the model follows the 3.6m by 3.6m measurements with a 0.9m front overhang.

We are very flexible in regards to the designs of our shelters. If your desire as slightly more bespoke, design, do feel free to clink the link to browse our wide selection of shelter additions and options.

Or, for a quote or some friendly advice, do feel free to contact us on the number below. Thanks!

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