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New Equine flu vaccine could take years to develop

An equine flu vaccine protecting horses against a new strain of the disease could take years to develop, according to the Animal Health Trust … read more

Plea to Horse Riders and Road Users in New Safety Appeal

Officers are asking those using the roads to approach horses with care using the same consideration as they would when driving past … read more

Horses on a country path

How Six Horses Escaped from a Field in Chelmsford

A herd of horses had quite the adventure when they escaped from a field and made their way through Chelmsford city centre. Bemused … read more

Horse in a field

Equine Flu Outbreak ‘Quite Frightening’ – Vaughan

Leading Welsh horse trainer, Tim Vaughan, says the equine flu outbreak, which has forced the cancellation of all race meetings across the UK … read more

Pony standing in a field

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