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How Do I Weigh My Horse

Weighing your horse

The most accurate method of weighing your horse is on an equine specific weighbridge, which will provide an accurate calculation of bodyweight. However, these facilities are not widely accessible.

A public weighbridge may be available but this environment may not be very safe to unload a horse in. Public weighbridges are normally designed for larger weights so you would need to drive your lorry with the horse inside onto the weighbridge and record the weight.

The horse can then be removed and the lorry re-weighed. The weight of the horse can then be determined by subtracting the second result from the first.

Many horse owners and carers do not have access to weighing facilities, which is why using a weigh tape or a weight formula are the most practical solutions.

Monitoring body weight
Having an accurate idea of your horse’s bodyweight is important for a number of reasons;

  • To calculate your horse’s ration or pony at a healthy weight by adjusting feed and grazing accordingly.
  • To accurately identify weight loss and weight gain.
  • To identify any sudden weight loss which may indicate a health problem.
  • To enable the correct dosage and administration of medication, supplements and When you see a horse or pony everyday it can be very difficult to identify changes.

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