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10 Inspirational Summer House Ideas for Spring

Once upon a time, the humble garden shed was referred to as ‘the man’s den’ and was full of unused electronic tools, rusty nails, and a collection random paint tins. But not anymore…now, households are seeing a rise in women taking over the garden sheds but they are not just used for relaxation…

A garden summer house can be your very own sanctuary. You can transform it into practically anything you want, a studio for writing, a music room, a relaxing space for reading, a place for painting or craft and so much more. You can personalize your space in whatever style suits you. Best of all, if the hustle and bustle in the house gets too much, you can head out to the garden and shut yourself away in your sanctuary. Below is our list of 10 inspirational summer house ideas for spring. Hopefully it really gets your ideas flowing.

Beach House Style

Want to take a trip to the seaside? Decorate your summer house in the style of a beach hut. Paint stripes over the front and bring in sea shells you have found on the beach. Hang a windchime or two and perhaps even decorate the interior with a couple of modern boats. Home away from home, it’s like going on holiday without the stress of travelling. If you need a break from the daily grind, take a step inside your summer beach house and soak up those sea-shore vibes.

Modern Shed

Do you love to keep up with the trends by staying modern and up-to-date? Choose a building with a modern look and a colour scheme that compliments your existing garden scheme. Inside, create a space that is fashionable all year round. Modern garden rooms can come fully equipped with double glazed windows, insulation, and electric lighting and sockets, meaning they are just like the rooms in your house. Solar lights on the exterior give a warm light, and an eco-friendly touch!

Social Summerhouse

Do you love entertaining and hosting your friends? A corner summerhouse can be a real space saver and a stunning location for those summer parties, without taking up the entire garden. Battery powered fairy lights always help to add a touch of elegance and glamour. In the evenings, why not light some candles and get some path lights to add some atmospheric illumination to your garden.

English Country Garden

Every English Country Garden should have a summerhouse to complete that extra special look. Bunting is an English obsession, so why not hang some from the roof to give it a homely atmosphere? Add a little window box planter for that cottage window feel and place pot plants at the entrance. Floral decoration internally will complete this look and make you feel as if you have been transported to a gorgeous country cottage in the English countryside. Maybe Mr Darcy will pass by…

Trendy Teen Summerhouse

Most teenagers thrive off having their own den to hideaway in. So why not let them take ownership over the summer house at the bottom of the garden? Not only can they have their own space to host their friends, without taking up the whole house, but they can also get involved with the decorating and painting element – a great summer project to keep them busy during the long school summer holidays. Keep up-to-date with their needs by hiring an electrician to hook up the summerhouse to electricity so that they can power a TV, access the wifi, play games and listen to music.

Take Your Office Outside

Do you work from home? Are you too distracted in your own home, or finding it difficult to keep to a work schedule…then maybe it is a good idea to take your office outside. Open your summer house and load in your desk and computer. Swing open the doors for some fresh air and soak up that sunshine while you type productively away.

Make the Most of the Light

Generally, summer houses are quite small. However, design the interior to make the best use of the available natural light. When painting the house, be sure to paint in light colours. Hang a mirror to reflect the light coming in as this will make the space brighter and feel larger than it actually is.


Concrete garden rooms are available and really trendy now. The benefit of concrete is that it is a far more permanent solution than wood. Like a miniature of your own home, a concrete summer shed is extremely sturdy and strong against all kinds of weather – especially helpful when living in England!

Kids Playroom

People say that kids can take over your lives. That may not be entirely true but their ‘stuff’ certainly can! If your house is overflowing with kids toys and gadgets, why not take our advice and transform your summer house into a kids playroom? Optimize your storage solutions by adding in big toy boxes, hooks on the walls for coats, shelving for books and chairs for reading. Get your kids to help you paint the place, as the more involved they are often means the more they will take responsibility for the place.

Luxury Pet Home

Some people go crazy for their pets. So, why not take it a step too far…arguably…and turn your garden summer house into a luxury pad for your pet. As well as having an entrance for humans, you can add a smaller, self-closing, magnetic ‘dog-flap’. Some people even include a floor made from rubber so that it is easy to clean and comfortable on their paws. Make sure you include essential in-built windows. These are very important to keep the fresh air flowing, as we all know how smelly animals can get! Add some pegs on the walls to hang their leash, treats and raincoat! Okay, perhaps this is a bit far-fetched but people have actually done it…seriously, look it up!

So, get creative with your own space and see what you can come up with! We would love to hear about your creative space and how you have personalised it. Get creative with your own space and see what you can come up with, we would love to hear from you!

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