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The Royal range barn is manufactured to the same high standard as our Prime range barn, but with some upgrades and additions, including: increased eaves height, matching black ridge, hook and band hinges, 2-pane hopper windows, top door frame protection and large front grills.

The Royal range barn includes an extremely striking range of internal stables – it is challenging our Prime range to become our most popular range.

Below we have a selection of Royal range American barns for you to view

As with all of our timber buildings, we can adapt our American barns to suit your specific requirements.  Call us now on 01403 823 836 and we will be pleased to help.

Royal Range American Barns
  • 14.4m x 9m American barn fit for a Champion View
  • External View Showing Sliding Door View
  • Internal View View
  • Front Walls (Royal) View
  • Dividing Wall With Talk Grill View
  • 2-Pane Hopper Window View


Royal Range American Barn Specifications

Shiplap Cladding 

Top grade redwood shiplap cladding 16mm x 150mm, fixed with 50mm sheradised ring shank nails.


The frameworks are manufactured with kiln dried timber, 47mm x 75mm. All timber is regularised and strength graded for structural use to C16-C24.


All stables are kickboarded as standard to a height of 1.2m high with exterior grade 12mm WISA Spruce plywood – multiple 5 layered, for structural integrity.


Black Onduline roof with matching ridge.  Also available in green, brown or red.  Clear roof sheet included above each box. Standard roof pitch is 20 degrees.  Purlins 100mm x 47mm, 125mm x 47mm, 100mm x 100mm.  Fitted to Onduline specification.


Bottom doors only.  Manufactured from 125mm x 25mm tongue, groove and v-jointed timber, ledged and braced.  Doors are lined with exterior grade plywood to give an overall thickness of 50mm.  Stable door size 1.1m wide x 1.3m high.  Top door 0.8m high.  Doors are furnished with 1 x strong anti-chew strip, 1 x heavy duty kick-over latch and 1 x 225mm brenton bolt, 1 x 150mm cabin hook and 1 pair of 600mm heavy duty hook & band hinges. Top door frame protection in included.   All door furniture is fully galvanised.  2.4m wide double doors at each end.


100mm half round black guttering with 50mm round downpipes are fitted as standard to both sides.


One 2-pane hopper window with heavy duty mesh is fitted to the rear of each stable, 0.78 wide x 1.04m high.


Buildings are treated with an animal friendly preservative product to a golden brown finish before leaving our workshop.

Internal Partitions

Timber frame internal sections at 2.2m high.  Front sections are fully clad with top grade redwood shiplap.  All stables are kickboarded internally to 1.2m high with very strong 12mm exterior grade plywood. Front walls include a large grill.

Other Details

All Royal barns are 2.4m to the eaves and a 10.2m deep barn is approximately 4.5m to the ridge, when erected on one course of bricks.  Two gable end vents are included at each end.

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