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Horse Hair Braiding and Its Fascinating History

Horse Hair Braiding and Its Fascinating History  Horses have been extremely valuable to humanity throughout history for their strength, durability, labour and adaptability. During the long history between humans and their horses, humanity has come up with some interesting grooming techniques. And one of these grooming techniques is braiding. A Brief History Horse hair braiding dates back hundreds of years.… ...Read More

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Everything You Need to Know About Caring for Your Horse’s Teeth

Everything You Need to Know About Caring for Your Horse’s Teeth Throughout its life, your horse’s teeth will grow and change, which is why you will need to ensure its teeth are regularly checked and cared for. Dental check-ups are essential for horses. Knowing what signs to look for will help prevent future dental problems. You may not be aware… ...Read More

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Everything You Need to Know About Grooming Your Horse

Everything You Need to Know About Grooming Your Horse Grooming is one of the most beneficial ways you can bond with your horse. Not only does it improve the appearance of your horse, but it helps promote healthy and emotional bonding between the two of you. Grooming stabled horses should be done on a regular basis to keep a horse’s… ...Read More

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The Benefits of Rubber Matting

The Benefits of Rubber Matting Rubber matting is becoming increasingly popular in both busy livery yards and private stables. Rubber mats are specifically designed so that the horse’s weight will compress the rubber to make a comfortable surface to lie on. Stable mats are a great solution to providing a comfortable and warm bed and/or standing surface for your horses… ...Read More

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Rubber Matting for Horse Stables

Rubber Matting for Horse Stables There are so many varieties of rubber horse mats on the market today that it can be difficult knowing which kind to choose. Horse mats are rubber mats that are extremely durable, offering cushioning protection and comfort to your horses – whether in the stables or during transportation. The advantages of using rubber stable mats… ...Read More

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The World’s Most Famous Horse Stables

The World’s Most Famous Horse Stables Here at Prime Stables we love horse stables, believe it or not. There are such a variety of stable designs out there that serve multiple functions, some are practical while others also have added glamour. So, we have decided to share with you the world’s most famous horse stables. We hope you enjoy reading… ...Read More

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The Top 15 Most Famous & Diverse Horses Throughout History

Over the years there have been many great horses that we have had the pleasure of walking alongside. From war heroes and guardians of royalty, to show-jumpers and TV stars, we have truly been blessed with some exceptional creatures. I’ve hand-picked my 15 favourite horses from over the years down below, take a look! 15. Copenhagen This horse was the Duke… ...Read More

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7 Horse Facial Expressions and What They Mean

7 Horse Facial Expressions and What They Mean In a new study, psychologists from the University of Sussex have found that horses use a range of muscular movements to form dynamic facial expressions that are nearly identical to those of humans. The muscles in the human face allow us to make around 27 facial expressions. However, the ability to use… ...Read More

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Spring Fashion for You and Your Horse

Spring Fashion for You and Your Horse Here at Prime Stables we know how important it can be to feel confident on your horse. Although there are plenty of factors that will help you to feel confident on your horse, one is ensuring that you look good as well/ Dressing to impress can cause a huge influx in your personal… ...Read More

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How Horses Sleep: Solved

How Horses Sleep: Solved The big day has finally arrived. You’re at a show, brimming with expectancy and excitement. You have practised the routine over and over, now its show time. You glance over at your horse. Is he nervous or excited? No. He’s standing right next to you with his head hanging low and his eyes closed, fast asleep.… ...Read More

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What is An American Barn and Why You Should Want One

American barns

Prime Stables are one of the leading manufacturers of American barns for horses in the United Kingdom. As a company, we pride ourselves in hard work and top quality results. We are passionate about seeing horses well treated and cared for and we love meeting people with similar passions. As anyone who owns a horse will tell you, every animal… ...Read More

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The Top 10 Most Successful Race Horses

Horse betting is without a doubt amongst the most moneyed industries in the world. Every day people chance their luck by placing large amounts of money on famous horses purely based on genetics, winning streaks and some because they have too much money to know what to do with! As I discussed in the previous article, expensive horses don’t necessarily… ...Read More

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How Humans Domesticated the Horse of Today

  Horses have been our companions for the good part of 6,000 years. Seen in cave drawings and known to be one of the first animals to be domesticated by humans, horses have remained a loyal mainstay in humankind. But where did it all start? Horses have left their hoof stamp on many aspects of human history, from transportation and… ...Read More

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Our Top Mobile Field Shelters

Here at Prime Stables, we pride ourselves not only on our top quality customer service, but our ability provide these customers with our personal, hand-built craftsmanship. We firmly believe that each mobile field shelter we build matches the customer’s wishes and desires. Everyone has different tastes and we make it our personal aim to ensure that our craftsmanship reflects our… ...Read More

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Top 10 Most Expensive Horses

The equestrian world is one of the most competitive and lucrative in all sports. The sports that horses compete in, in short, can make you a lot of money. Beyond the sport, breeding programmes are also likely to make you money. With this in mind, I’ve conducted a list of the top ten most expensive horses to be bought, why… ...Read More

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10 Inspirational Summer House Ideas for Spring

Once upon a time, the humble garden shed was referred to as ‘the man’s den’ and was full of unused electronic tools, rusty nails, and a collection random paint tins. But not anymore…now, households are seeing a rise in women taking over the garden sheds but they are not just used for relaxation… A garden summer house can be your… ...Read More

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6 Essential Health Checks for your Horse

healthy horse

Horses can be unpredictable creatures and can easily rack up expensive vet bills that you don’t particularly like the look of!  It’s always good to be aware of your horse’s health and carry out regular checks to ensure that if there are any problems you can catch them quickly before they escalate into something more serious. Vital Signs You should… ...Read More

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13 Horse Clothing Must-Haves to Keep You Warm for the Winter

Lost on What to Wear in Winter?! Winter can be a harsh season for animals, especially those that are accustomed to be outside. The most important factor for winter preparation is planning. The last thing you want to be doing is ensuring your horse is safe and comfortable in the middle of winter, when you could have done this months… ...Read More

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The Top 5 YouTube Channels for Horse Enthusiasts

Want to Know the Best Horse YouTube Channels?  You’re in the Right Place! As many of us are already aware, YouTube is filled with a plethora of educational and more often that not, insane videos. What makes YouTube such an intriguing and engaging website is that you have so much free, watchable content at your fingertips. It has aided many… ...Read More

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7 Ways to Keep Your Horse Healthy During the Christmas Season

Christmas horse

Christmas is coming and the cold is really starting to set in. If you’re anything like me, you may be more tempted than ever to wrap your horse up in a thick blanket and invite him inside to sit by the fire. But in reality, there’s not enough space in my living room for a horse and horse’s actually stay… ...Read More

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What Do Horses Eat? A Few Facts on Horse Feeding

What do horses eat

Horses like to break from their normal routines from time to time. You may have noticed that your horse suddenly gets a new lease of energy if you take him on a new riding trail. It only makes sense then that he would also enjoy some variation in his diet – just like we do! Even if I wanted to,… ...Read More

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Horses Vs Zebras: Why Don’t Humans Ride Zebras?

While it is possible to ‘mount’ and ride a zebra, you cannot actually domesticate a zebra. Sure, there are videos of people who’ve apparently domesticated everything from a cockroach to a 9ft grizzly bear but there is a difference between domesticating and taming. “But, zebras are just horses with stripes, right? So why don’t we ride them around like Seabiscuit… ...Read More

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Horse Shipping – Taking Your Horse on a Plane

Horse shipping

Whether you and your horse are seasoned travellers or going long distance for the first time, you are bound to have questions. There was a time where I myself didn’t even consider the fact that horses have to travel to events, it simply never crossed my mind. I know that may sound ridiculous but can you honestly picture a horse… ...Read More

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7  Horse Beauty Products To Add To Your Wishlist

Horse care

Autumn is coming and I’ve been thinking about my horses’ beauty routine. I love my horses so much, and it’s natural I want only the best for them. Horses are such gentle creatures and rely on us for everything, so it’s only fair we give them the same care and attention we’d give ourselves. So, with that in mind I’ve found seven items… ...Read More

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10 Equestrian Fashion Ideas To Get You Noticed In 2016

Equestrian fashion ideas

Every that knows me know about my love of horses. I’ve lived with horses since I was a little girl, and although I never quite made it as a show jumper, I’m lucky enough to still be involved in the horse industry. So though my love of horses is well known, what might not be as well known is my… ...Read More

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A Complete History of Horse Stables Through The Ages

Ancient Horse Stable

Who Built The First Horse Stable? The answer could just as easily be: who domesticated, or tamed the first horse? The truth is that nobody can answer exactly, because ancient people were nomads and lived transient lives. Take the Mongolians, for example: horses have always been essential in their lives. There’s a phrase in Mongolia that states: “A Mongol without… ...Read More

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Sweet itch - what is it and what can be done about it?

Sweet Itch

With the summer pretty much underway, horse owners need to be aware of the danger of sweet itch. Seasonal Recurrent Dermatitis (SSRD) is caused by an allergic reaction from midges. Redwings say that the insects tend to prefer the areas around the horse’s tail, mane and withers. The horses affected get very uncomfortable and it can cause an intense itch. It can… ...Read More

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Braving wet and windy Scotland

As a company, we strive to accommodate different needs and tastes. This can mean adapting buildings for different parts of the country (and beyond). Two weeks ago, our installation team were in the lovely Lanarkshire in Scotland. Following months of planning, our boys left at the crack of dawn on Bank Holiday Monday last month, travelled up the M1 and… ...Read More

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How Do I Apply For A BHS Equine Passport For My Horse

BHS Equine Passport

To comply with an EU directive that aims to ensure that all horses that have been treated with veterinary medicines are not slaughtered for human consumption, all horses now have to have an equine passport that shows the individual horses history. The Government and the horse industry believe that other benefits will also  be realised if all horses have a passport.… ...Read More

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Horse Flies – Keep Them Under Control and Off Your Horses

Flies are a great annoyance but they also present a danger to your horse. Whether you are dealing with face flies or the much more serious stable flies, horse flies and even deer flies, it will pay to have a pest management plan to combat them. The main danger is a potential serious eye infection that could easily occur if… ...Read More

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Mobile Building Special Offer!

The Prime Stables team have asked me to let you know about their current special offer on their ex-demonstration buildings. These are buildings which are used for display purposes only so you will essentially receive a brand new building for a discounted price! Don’t forget, mobile field shelters do not need planning so if your animals are sick of this horrendous… ...Read More

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Fencing Requirements for Horses and Paddocks

When you decide to fence your paddocks the most important consideration is to ensure that it is safe and suitable for horses. Your fencing should be high enough to deter your horses from jumping out, fighting over it and low enough at the bottom to prevent foals and small ponies from rolling or crawling underneath it. Your fence should be… ...Read More

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What exactly does the term 'Permitted Development' mean?

On 1st October 2008 planning regulations for certain building works were simplified so as to allow various small scale development to go ahead without the need for a planning application to be submitted to the your council. These new rules were mainly brought in to prevent the possible snarl up at planning departments for relatively minor works. These minor works… ...Read More

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Do Buttercups Present A Danger To Horses

We are all now fully aware that the ragwort plant when asked, is the most dangerous plant  that our horses can digest but are you aware that another yellow peril potentially lurks in your paddocks –The Buttercup. Horses that develop a taste for buttercups can end up with an excess of saliva, sometimes mild colic and also diarrhoea. Consumption levels do… ...Read More

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Prime Stables have informed me that this month is a double celebration. The head of the Prime family Mr W E H Prime, is Sarah & Gary’s eldest daughter, Harriet and her granddad, Mr W E H Prime at a Prime family wedding 90 years old and without him, Prime Stables would not be Prime Stables. Sarah Macey (née Prime)… ...Read More

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Osteochindrosis. What is it and what treatment is available.

This week I thought I would compile a report on this not too well known disease.  I would welcome knowing of your experiences of OCD so as to share them  other readers. It may just help someone who’s horse may be suffering. Osteochondrosis or (OCD)  is a relatively common developmental disease that can affects all types of horses, but particularly larger… ...Read More

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A Heart Warming Christmas Story

The brother and sister had made their usual hurried, pre-Christmas visit to the little farm where dwelt their elderly parents with their small herd of horses. The farm had been named Lone Pine Farm because of the huge pine which topped the hill behind the farm, and through the years had become a talisman to the old man and his… ...Read More

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Why Does My Horse Box Walk and What Can I Do To Help?

Box walking is when a horse paces up and down the stable or walks around the inside of the perimeter. This can be due to anxiety, nerves, boredom, frustration or general unhappiness in their environment. Ways to help stop your horse from box walking are as follows: Install a stable mirror so that your horse thinks that there is another… ...Read More

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Mobile Field Shelters and their Uses

We all know that mobile field shelters are used for shelter for our horses but did you know they can be used for other things as well? After speaking with the Prime Stables Team, they have informed me that throughout the nine years they have been going, they have supplied shelters as dog kennels, alpaca shelters and what is becoming… ...Read More

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How To Look After Your Horse In The Snow

After the terrible winds, we all want to let our horses out for some air but what do you do if, like now,  there is snow on the ground? What if they damage a leg on the icy floor? Will health problems arise if you keep your horse confined? Professional yards tend to keep their horses in during the wintry… ...Read More

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