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Mobile Stables in Hampshire (Finance Available)

Prime Stables will certainly provide you with a mobile stable unit to shelter your horse/s and animals against all climates. However, building a traditional stable on your own can require a lot of time and effort. Furthermore you will encounter obstructions that our ancestors over 100 years ago would have never pondered. Local councils will typically require an extensive amount of paperwork and permits for any construction on your property. There is a far better solution to the problem. Buy one of the various mobile stables and mobile stable yards sold by Prime Stables Limited.

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An Easy Solution for Your Mobile Stable Needs in Hampshire

Mobile Stables Hampshire from Prime Stables Limited are handcrafted in our workshop. They are then delivered to your property to be installed wherever you choose. There certainly is no need to prepare the ground with regard to the installment, simply find a fairly level piece of ground the same dimension as the building you have ordered. Prime Stables installation team will literally just arrive on your predetermined designated day and assemble your mobile stable in your required location.

One of the major advantages to these stables is that they typically do not need you to obtain planning permission with the local planning department. This is because these structures are identified technically as equipment and not constructions because they do not require any type of foundation and set up on either a wood or galvanised steel towing frame. Because of this, you can literally call Prime Stables and we will to do our utmost to have your mobile stable supplied and set up within 5 to 15 working days from receipt of deposit.

One more fantastic benefit of these mobile stables is that they can be towed from paddock to paddock if needed. For that reason, if you decide to transfer your horse from one area of your property to another or require an emergency isolation box, you do not need to worry about building a new stable and tearing down the outdated one. You can just tow the mobile stable by a simple field tractor or 4 x 4 to your desired location.

A wide range of Mobile Stables to Choose From

All Prime Stables mobile stables Hampshire are designed and manufactured using the best quality building materials and are constructed to stand the test of time. Every mobile stable either includes a galvanised steel or timber-towing frame depending on your preference, allowing you to manoeuvre your stable from place to place. Every mobile stable unit is manufactured to order so you can be confident of acquiring specifically what you are looking for. We can manufacture a variety of different mobile stable configurations to match your specific needs.

As an example, a 3.6 m x 3.6 m mobile stable can be produced by including a stable conversion kit to one of our mobile field shelters and converted back as and when required. A double mobile stable 7.2 m x 3.6 m provide two complete stables on one galvanised steel towing frame. Showcasing everything a stable would offer, stable doors with anti-chew strip to bottom doors, sliding windows, kick-boarded to 1.2 m high, 0.9 m overhang and front guttering. You can also arrange a group of mobile stables to create a courtyard effect.

The Mobile Stable Yard 10.8 m x 3.6 m is a very flexible construction that can support several needs. It includes two 3.0 m x 3.6 m stables, 3.0 m x 3.6 m hay barn with barn doors and a 1.8 m tack room fully lined with a suspended timber floor and tack room door. This sizeable building can majestically be towed if need be.

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