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Alpaca Shelters for Your Paddocks and Fields

A shelter in a field with alpacas ouside

At Prime Stables, we are delighted to offer a large selection of expertly crafted and beautifully finished alpaca shelters for clients based across the country. With over 20 years of experience in providing accommodation that animals will love, you may rest assured that any shelter design we make for your alpacas will offer everything they need and everything you could want them to have.

As our shelters are constructed on an individual basis, our prices are also calculated individually, but we will work closely with you to put together a design that fits your budget as well as your specifications. Whether you require a static shelter for just one paddock, or a mobile shelter for paddock rotation purposes, we will provide the perfect structure for your animals to call home.

Our Alpaca Shelter Design Options

When you plan on caring for an animal such as an alpaca, it is important to remember their specific needs before you set about housing and keeping them. For accommodation, they will require a field shelter that is large enough to hold every member of the herd, or every alpaca which lives in the field. This will give them a safe place to keep out of the rain and other harsh weather that we’re used to here in the UK. It should also help them to stay cool by providing shade in the summer.

Our alpaca field shelters are ideal for this purpose, as they can be built to the requirements of your herd as well as your own personal specifications. This includes offering our products in a variety of sizes, so you will have the option to choose the dimensions that suit both the space that you have available and the comfort needs of your animals.

Static Field Shelter

Static Alpaca Shelters

It must be noted that the static field shelters we will prepare for your property require groundwork preparation before installation can take place. Railway sleepers offer an economical option for perimeter bases, which the walls will then sit on. As an alternative, you may also consider a concrete base with a single course of bricks to provide a sturdy foundation before the shelter is built. 

Once we have received your deposit, we will then provide you with a plan for your groundworker to follow when undertaking the work.

If you wish to learn more about the static field shelters we will provide for alpacas in the UK, please contact us today. One of our members of staff will be glad to discuss your particular requirements.

a mobile field shelter with a gated entrance

Mobile Alpaca Shelters

As with our static field shelters, our mobile alpaca shelters also come in a range of sizes, ranging from 3m to 10.8m wide. This allows you the option of housing your entire herd, while offering a practical element in that you will be able to move your shelter to a different field as and when necessary. All you will need to do is attach your shelter to the galvanised steel towing mechanism and bring it to your new field or paddock, allowing the grass to regrow in its previous position.

If you would like more information about our mobile field shelters for alpacas, please do not hesitate to get in touch. 

Our Specifications for Your Alpaca Shelter 

Every building we manufacture for animals is crafted from the highest quality kiln-dried oak timber, which offers greater protection against the elements and keeps your animals dry. While alpacas will most often prefer an open pasture to enclosed shelters, this specification ensures they are not left wet and standing in mud, which may be damaging for their delicate feet.

Both our static and mobile shelter options are built to suit your size requirements, come fitted with top grade shiplap cladding, and may come fitted with clear sheets in the Onduline roof if you would like to give your animals a brighter indoor space. Upon request, we will also build windows in the rear and end walls to achieve this same end.

The Onduline roof with galvanised ridge can be ordered in a range of colours (black as standard, but also available in red, green, or brown), and will be fitted to Onduline specification. 100mm half round black guttering with 50mm round downpipes are fitted as standard to the front of all buildings. Back guttering is also available.

All shelters are kickboarded as standard to a height of 1.2m with exterior grade 12mm WISA Spruce plywood ‒ multiple 5 layered, for structural integrity. Each building is also treated with an animal-friendly preservative product, giving it a lovely golden brown finish before it leaves our workshop.

Why Build a Home for Your Animals With Prime Stables?

We are passionate about providing exceptional products for our clients across the UK, and we are always happy to share the reasons we think we may be the construction company you require for your own alpaca shelters:

Single mobile field shelter
  • We are a family-owned and run firm, and we commit ourselves to the needs and requirements of our clients. As such, when they explain what they would like from us, they are guaranteed to receive a beautifully finished animal shelter as a result.
  • Our dedicated team of professionals is ready and waiting to help you through every stage of the purchasing process.
  • Our manufacturing work is carried out by a team of highly trained and skilled craftsmen, using the highest quality timber we have available.
  • We have an in-house CAD team to provide you with planning drawings, should these be necessary.
  • Our installation team is fully prepared to travel to your location, in order to deliver your purchase and to perform a swift, professional installation at the same time.

Contact Us to Create Your Ideal Field Shelter

Speak with us on the phone or send us an email today if you require an alpaca shelter that has been constructed with both yours and your animals’ requirements in mind. We will craft the home your alpaca herd deserves, delivering and installing it when it is ready, and working with you through every step of the process.

Together, we can put together your perfect pasture for all your animals. 

Alpaca Shelters
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