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High Quality Horse Stables in Liverpool

Take a look at our selection of stable buildings that we offer in Liverpool below, or contact us if you would like to start placing an order right away.

Professionally Built Horse Stables in Liverpool

Here at Prime Stables, we are passionate about making sure our clients and their horses get the best facilities and accommodation available. Our clients across the country know that when they come to us for an equestrian building, we will work with them to supply what they require. This includes our clients living in and around the city of Liverpool, which has a large number of riding schools and pony clubs, alongside privately-owned stables.

Have you been thinking about owning your own stables, rather than going elsewhere to ride horses? Then why not have some installed?

If you live in Liverpool or the surrounding areas and you have horses or ponies, or you are thinking about owning some in the future, then get in touch with us. We will provide you with an efficient, professional installation of our handcrafted stable buildings, keeping them specific to your requirements and needs. Purchase from us and ensure that you get the stables your horses not only need, but also deserve.

Bespoke Stable Design in Liverpool

We understand that a lot of our clients come to us with a design already in mind for their perfect stable and we do everything we can to accommodate their wants and needs. If you have something in mind that you would like, or you need something specific in your stables, please don’t hesitate to let us know. We will be more than happy to help your dream stable become a reality.

Stable Blocks Liverpool

There are three different ranges of stable blocks that we can build for our clients in Liverpool, each with its own page link and attached catalogue of designs, so you can see how your future stable can look.

The Prime Range

The second most popular range of stables we sell. This can offer you all the benefits and features expected of a good, high quality stable. The frame is designed to be strong and durable, making it an excellent choice for keeping your horses safe and sound at night. It also comes at a value for money cost, making it good for your budget as well as your animals. If you would like to see the designs we have in this range, click through to our Prime Range page.

The Premier Range

The third range of stable block we have available is our Premier Range. If you are looking for the most impressive and beautiful stables, this might just be the range for you. Each product in this range is created to an extremely high specification and all include upgraded timbers, alternate roof coverings, shiplap cladding and an increased eaves height, as well as other features that help these stables live up to their Premier name. To see some of the designs we have for this range, go to our Premier Range page.

The Royal Range

The second most popular type of stable block we have (although it is catching up to our Prime Range) is our Royal Range. Crafted to the same standards as the Prime Range, this type of stable block comes with added features and some of our most popular extras to really make it stand out. These features include clear roof sheets and matching black ridge hook and band hinges, alongside other items we have available. If you wish to see what we can provide, take a look at our Royal Range page.

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Mobile Horse Stables Liverpool

Do you have more than one paddock for keeping your horses? Are you in need of a quick, professionally-built shelter? If so, you may wish to consider ordering a mobile stable from us. All of our mobile products are manufactured to the same standards as our static stables, and even the largest mobile stable that we sell is easily towed and moved from one field to another, allowing you to rotate your horses’ grazing as you need.

For more information on the mobile stables that we offer, go to our page.

Internal Stables Liverpool

A popular and cost-effective choice that many of our customers now opt for is to convert barns and other farm buildings into equestrian facilities. This can save your budget from having to stretch, as it will lower the cost from the price of a full stable, and save you space on your property. It will also provide your horses with the best accommodation possible.

Our internal stables come in our Prime Range, our Royal Range, and our Premier Range designs, so if you would like to see what we can build for you, go to our page on internal stables.

Stable Extras

We have a number of upgrades and extra features that we can add to your new stable, upon request. These range from different kinds of windows and doors, to new roof selections, guttering and feeders, as well as many other items. If you are interested in adding any extra features to your stable, go onto our page on stable extras and see what we can offer.

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Get in touch today to discuss your requirements. Don’t see a design that you like? Don’t worry; we are proud to offer bespoke design services to all of our clients. So, if you have any specific requirements in mind, please do not hesitate to get in touch. We would be more than happy to advise you and answer your questions. Call us today!

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If you live in Liverpool and you have been looking for the highest quality, professionally-built stables to put on your property, contact Prime Stables. All of our products are handcrafted to your satisfaction and are certain to give your horses the best home they could possibly have.

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