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Here at Prime Stables, we understand that not all of our clients will have room in their main properties for the indoor hobbies that they enjoy best. They may also wish to utilise their outdoor space for relaxing and entertaining guests during the summer months, and bouts of hot weather. This is why we are always prepared to offer clients their very own garden games rooms, built to their exact requirements and specifications.

If you require the perfect new outdoor room for all your entertainment needs, please contact us today. We are certain that we will be able to provide you with the games room to suit all your needs for leisure and fun hobbies. We may even be able to provide you with some extra storage space, if this is also needed for your property. Explore the bespoke design options we have here on our website and be inspired, or get in touch right away if you have already decided on what you would like.

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Our Bespoke Service for Garden Buildings

We love what we do and we believe in providing exceptional products and services for our clients across the UK. As part of our promise to deliver, we will ensure that their garden games rooms are crafted exactly as they have been imagining in their plans. To do this, we will note down every requirement and specification that they need to feature in their design, so that each of these are guaranteed to be present in the end product.

We will be delighted to assist you with creating a bespoke garden building, no matter if you intend to use it as a quiet office space or would like to hold pool or snooker tournaments with all your friends every Friday night. Get in touch with us when you have an idea in mind for your very own bespoke space and we will do everything we can to create the room you require.

Our Expert Specifications for Your Garden Games Room

Every garden games room we provide, whether large or small, will be made and manufactured from the highest quality kiln-dried oak timber we have on our site. This allows your garden building greater protection and ability to withstand the elements, but if you would like it to be fully insulated for year-round use, we can also fit lining into the walls of your design. No matter what you intend to use your new garden games room for, we can ensure that the contents of your room are kept dry and suitable for use, no matter the weather.

The windows we fit into your building will allow for plenty of natural light and come double glazed as standard. Similarly, the fitted doors will offer toughened glass and mortice locks for extra protection, so your most precious items will always be safe in your new space.

Our Prices

Every large or small garden games room we craft has been specifically requested and made to the order of the purchaser. Because of this, we cannot offer a fully set list of prices for the products we manufacture, as all of our prices are quoted on an individual basis. However, we do understand that you will want to plan the cost of your purchase into your budget before work begins, so we will work as closely with you as possible to work out the cost of your home’s newest entertainment space.

We will calculate the cost of any new garden games room, office, shed or workshop space carefully, taking into account every specification so that the price offered to you at the point of purchase should suit every need.

Garden Games Room Ideas for Your Consideration

You may know that you would like to turn some of your unused outdoor space over in order to build your very own garden games room, but you may not know what you would like to do with the interior space once it has been installed. Should this be the case, we are more than happy to offer you a few suggestions, based on popular ideas our other clients have chosen for their own designs:

  • Set up a large or small table for card games
  • Bring in a table for billiards, pool, snooker or table football
  • Turn it into an outdoor living room, complete with comfortable seating
  • Turn it into an outdoor bar and eating area for barbecues
  • Turn it into a space for entertaining guests
  • Set up a room for karaoke or music
  • Put in a table and shelving for board games
  • Put in your personal computer for gaming (this can also double as an office space)
  • Set up a console to play video games
  • Make it a playroom for your children
  • Turn it into a “fun hangout” room for any teenagers in the family
  • Create an indoor shed space for outdoor games (to be used in bad weather)
  • Turn it into a home cinema

Why Build a Garden Snooker Room with Prime Stables?

We take pride in the work we carry out for clients across the UK, assisting them in selecting their ideal classic and contemporary garden rooms and ensuring that their buildings are installed exactly where they require them most in their outdoor spaces. There are many reasons we remain the firm choice for dream garden buildings of all kinds, some of which we have listed below:

  • We are delighted to be a family-owned and run business, and proof of our dedication can be found in how intently we listen to what our customers would like. This ensures that they will receive the garden games room they have been imagining, exactly as they have asked for it.
  • Our friendly team will always be available to help you make your way through the ordering process. They’ll even be able to help you select just the right product for your needs, if you should have trouble deciding.
  • Our expert craftsmen will use the finest quality oak timber we have available to put your product together.
  • We have an in-house CAD team to assist you by creating planning drawings, in the event that your games room requires an application.
  • Our dedicated installation team will be ready and waiting to travel to your location, delivering and carrying out a specialist build to see your product exactly where you would like it on your property.

What our Clients are saying…

Build a Games Room Shed for Your Favourite Hobbies

If you have been looking for ideas to transform your outdoor space, perhaps to entertain guests in warmer weather, or even if you need that little bit of extra space for hobbies and leisure pursuits and you’d absolutely adore your very own games room to set them up just as you’d like them, Prime Stables is here to help. We can craft a bespoke garden lodge or games room that suits all your needs and requirements, whether you’re looking for something small to play a game of cards with friends and family, or need it large enough for a pool table.

Contact us via the telephone or send us an email today and one of our members of staff will be delighted to discuss your list of requirements. They will help you to complete your purchase exactly as you need, and can arrange for your purchase to be delivered anywhere in the UK. You will soon be enjoying the garden room you have created from your own ideas ‒ hopefully over a celebratory game of pool or snooker.

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