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Six Best Practices to Keep Your Horse Healthy

Generally, a horse owner shares an intimate bond with the horse. Owners spend a lot of time and energy in order to provide the horses with the … read more

Wild horses

The Government Will Pay You $1000 to Adopt a Wild Horse

Although the idea is romantic — wild horses grazing the wide, open plain — government officials say the reality is far from ideal. The number of … read more

Horses helping mental health problems

Project Aims to Assess the Impact of Horses on Human Mental Health

The impact of horses on human wellbeing and mental health is to be measured in a new research project. The University of Exeter Business … read more

Horse in a field

Protect Horses from Sun to Prevent SCC Recurrence

For many health conditions, veterinarians can use research study data to provide estimates of how likely a horse’s condition will return. But for … read more