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Mobile Field Shelters Sussex (Finance Available)

Caring for animals can be difficult, yet most definitely worthwhile. Nevertheless, the challenge that a number of our prospective clients might possibly encounter is aiming to get a shelter or barn implemented for their animals, as the preparation path can easily become a hassle well before they even commence.

This is precisely where the benefits of having a mobile field shelter and adapting it to your individual requirements relieves you of such tension because planning is not needed. Mobile Field Shelters Sussex give you quick shelter for your animals and livestock. We also offer mobile stables in Sussex. Here at Prime Stables we endeavour to supply you with the advantages of the appropriate shelter for you and your animal’s necessities.

Our Range
  • Mobile Field Shelter - Timber Towing Frame

    Mounted on a timber towing frame and available in sizes from 3m wide to 4.8m wide

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  • Mobile Field Shelter - Towing Frame

    Mounted on a Steel Towing Frame and available in sizes from 3.6m wide to 10.8m wide.

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  • Alpaca Shelters for Your Paddocks and Fields

    At Prime Stables, we are delighted to offer a large selection of expertly crafted and beautifully finished alpaca shelters for clients based across the country. With over 20 years of experience in providing accommodation that animals will love, you may rest assured that any shelter design we make for your alpacas will offer everything they need and everything you could want them to have. As our shelters are constructed on an individual basis, our prices are also calculated individually, but we will work closely with you to put together a design that fits your budget as well as your specifications. Whether you require a static shelter for just one paddock, or a mobile shelter for paddock rotation purposes, we will provide the perfect structure for your animals to call home.

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Strong Mobile Field Shelters in Sussex

At Prime Stables, we pride ourselves on the quality of our mobile field shelters. These structurally stable shelters are foundeded on a steel towing frame. This towing frame was specifically created for a local equine breeder over 10 years ago and our different designs have stood the test of time. Our testimonies speak for themselves and we continually work closely with our clients to offer them with a professional and caring service.

Size Matters

The size of the structure is vital when people are aiming to secure the ideal protection for their animals. Nevertheless, people need to realize that identifying the most suitable size is essential for sheltering their animals. Some mobile shelters can be too small, however at Prime Stables; we can adapt the dimension of the mobile field shelter to accommodate the size of your animals that you are using the shelter for. We only fabricate to order, this allows us to easily incorporate your own requirements.

Movability of the Shelter

Mobile field shelters Sussex are sturdy shelters that are often mistaken as static buildings because of their size. Here at Prime Stables our towing mechanism allows these buildings to be easily manoeuvred around paddocks. Click here to view our mobile video a short film that help our clients on how to tow these buildings easily.


At Prime Stables, we pride ourselves on designing and fabricating mobile field shelters utilizing the highest quality materials possible. Our exceptionally trained staff of craftsmen will meticulously fabricate your buildings. Once complete, they will then hand over your build to our installation crew who will then come and erect your mobile field shelter.

Bottom Line

You will receive a high quality mobile field shelter giving you immediate shelter, assisting with your animal welfare and husbandry. Therefore, ensure that you get your mobile buildings from the most trusted professionals in the market, Prime Stables; we provide a value for money service.
We love animals and care about their wellbeing. Trust Prime Stables Limited to provide the highest quality mobile structures available. Get in touch with Prime Stables today on 01403 823 836 for a free quotation.

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