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Simplify Your Home Stable Set-Up With Mobile Field Shelters

Easily Moved | Location Flexibility | No Planning Permission Required | Durable

Mobile field shelters are an ideal solution for horse owners seeking a practical and effective way to provide their equine companions with safe, comfortable shelter. The beauty in Prime Stables mobile field shelters lies not just in their robust build, but also in their portability. Easy to relocate and reposition, they offer unparalleled flexibility, allowing you to provide your horses with a safe haven, wherever they are.

Discover the perfect blend of convenience, durability and quality with mobile field shelters from Prime Stables. As a trusted name in the UK for high-quality equestrian and timber buildings, we offer bespoke mobile field shelters, thoughtfully designed and skilfully crafted.

Bespoke Solutions for Your Horse Shelter

Constructed from the finest quality timber, a mobile field shelter is a movable sanctuary designed to cater to horses of all shapes and sizes. Our structures merge sturdy timber frames with open sides for ease of access and provide excellent resistance against all weather conditions.  

These versatile shelters not only offer superior comfort and protection for your horses but also the flexibility to bypass planning permission requirements, thanks to their mobile nature.

Planning Permission and Mobile Field Shelters

One of the major advantages of our mobile field shelters is the ease of installation, primarily because they do not require planning permission. As these shelters are classed as equipment rather than permanent buildings, they avoid requiring permission, making the process of adding a shelter to your property straightforward and hassle-free.

Despite our mobile field shelters being temporary structures, they are still fully adaptable, offering a wide range of options to suit your specific needs. Whether you require additional tack rooms, hay barns, slip rails, or any other unique feature, Prime Stables have you covered.

Unparalleled Flexibility and Customisation with Prime Stables

Experience the ideal blend of flexibility, customisation and masterful craftsmanship with mobile field shelters from Prime Stables. Specially designed to address the unique needs and constraints of horse owners, our shelters offer a seamless blend of mobility and adaptability.

Designed to bypass the common roadblock of planning permissions, these structures provide a practical and user-friendly solution to housing your equine companions.

Customisation Opportunities

Our mobile field shelters can be tailored to accommodate your unique space requirements and preferences. Whether it’s adjusting the size, layout or additional features, we work alongside you to design a shelter that meets your specific needs.

Flexibility and Mobility

Our mobile field shelters offer a versatile, moveable solution for your horse’s housing needs. The portability of these shelters grants you the freedom to relocate them as and when required.

Superior Craftsmanship

With high-quality timber and an experienced design team, we can create superior shelter solutions that optimise your available space while offering maximum protection and durability for your horses.

Tailoring Your Ideal Mobile Field Shelter

Every horse owner requires a mobile field shelter specifically designed to fit their unique circumstances and space. That’s why our design process is centred around close collaboration with you. Our team commits to a thorough understanding of your needs and evaluation of your space, and works in partnership with you to craft a mobile shelter that suits both you and your horse perfectly.

Recognising the diverse needs of our customers, we extend a customised pricing structure which corresponds with the distinct features of your bespoke mobile field shelter. This guarantees that you receive the finest quality materials, exemplary craftsmanship, and a design personalised to your requirements, all at a fair and competitive price.

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Build Your Ideal Equestrian Shelter Solution

Our mobile field shelters are convenient and flexible, with each shelter thoughtfully designed and constructed to offer the ideal solution for your horses. By choosing Prime Stables, you’re choosing a horse care solution that eliminates planning permission issues, maximises your available space, and is tailored to your specific requirements.

Contact us today to speak to a member of our team about designing and building a mobile field shelter that is as unique as your needs.

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