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Stress-Free Delivery of Your New Mobile Field Shelter

Easily Moved | Location Flexibility | No Planning Permission Required | Durable

Transporting and installing a large mobile field shelter on your property can be a daunting task. At Prime Stables, we make it hassle-free. 

Our experienced team handles the entire delivery and setup process so you don’t have to worry about the logistics. We will securely transport your shelter to avoid any damage, then professionally install it on your property. 

No more coordinating truck rentals or wrangling helpers – we take care of it all.

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Why You Need Expert Delivery

Between manoeuvring a heavy structure, having proper equipment, and getting level ground secured, it’s a challenging DIY project to receive and install a new mobile field shelter. 

Without experience, you run the risk of destabilising the shelter, and without secured delivery the shelter may even arrive damaged. You can hire third-party professionals to help, but in this case you cannot guarantee the quality of service you will receive, and you have to coordinate the process yourself.

Seamless, Stress-Free Delivery

With our delivery service, you can have total peace of mind knowing our experienced team will take care of the entire process, saving you the hassle and frustration of trying to coordinate it yourself.Β Here are some key benefits our customers enjoy:

  • Nothing to Organise: We have the trucks and equipment, optimised for the mobile field shelters we supply, allowing for smooth transport and setup.
  • Expert Installation: Our shelters are properly secured by our team during transit to ensure no loose parts fall off, get lost, or break.
  • Site Levelling: We level shelter sites for proper installation and drainage, so you don’t need to worry about any surprise foundation issues post delivery.
  • Reliable Anchorage: Our team install proper anchoring into the ground for added stability, with minimal surface disruption.
  • Efficient Setup: Our tailored process means each job is completed in a timely manner, minimising inconvenience for you. Our experts also ensure correct assembly and positioning to meet your specific needs.

Our Shelter Delivery Process

Once you have selected the perfect mobile field shelter for your horses, it is time to have it delivered. At Prime Stables, we make the delivery and setup process easy and stress-free.


After you place your order, our team will contact you to schedule an ideal delivery date based on shelter availability and your property’s readiness. We recommend having the shelter site cleared and levelled ahead of time.

Delivery Day

Our truck will arrive with your shelter securely fastened, our trained staff will then safely unload and manoeuvre the shelter to the installation area, using our specialised equipment. We bring all the tools and hardware needed – so there is no extra equipment for you to organise.


With minimal disturbance to the area, our team will level the ground, properly anchor the shelter, and complete any finishing touches like attaching tow bars or interior fittings per your order. We handle the entire installation process efficiently so your property is only obstructed for a short time.


Before departing, we will walk you through the completed setup to be sure you are 100% satisfied. We will also review proper techniques for towing and provide maintenance tips to keep your shelter looking its best.

Reliable Delivering Across the UK and Beyond

Our company history is rooted in West Sussex, but today we deliver to clients across England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and beyond. We also service select areas of Europe, including Jersey and France, that are accessible for our installation team by boat.

No matter where your property is located, Prime Stables can deliver a high-quality mobile field shelter right to your door.

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Receive and Setup Your Shelter Without Lifting a Finger

Bringing a new mobile field shelter home to your horses should be an exciting experience and, with Prime Stables, it can be. Our delivery service us smooth, stress-free, and completely handled by our expert team.

So whether your farm is in the up in Highlands, deep in the Cornish countryside, or down in the south coast, you can trust us to get your new mobile field shelter delivered, built, and secured on your property in no time at all.

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