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Warning! Do Not Let Your Horses Eat Grass Cuttings

I have found that many of us are totally unaware that grass cuttings when left on fields and on the road side are potentially dangerous because when ingested by our animals it could have potentially fatal consequences.

Please be aware of this, if you are out hacking and your horse starts eyeing up what he considers a nice little snack of grass cuttings, you must pull him away. Don’t let him eat any.

Let me explain why this is
Fermentation takes place when grass cuttings are left in piles and if eaten by horses and ponies can cause fermentation in the animal’s digestive system. The consequent build up of gases could well cause colic which can cause death.

Law cuttings could also have weed killers and fertilisers on them, which could also cause a  fatality.

It would be a terrible matter if you were to lose your beloved horses through simply being unaware of this all important little piece of knowledge.

The Stable Doctor
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