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The Top 5 YouTube Channels for Horse Enthusiasts

Want to Know the Best Horse YouTube Channels? 

You’re in the Right Place!

As many of us are already aware, YouTube is filled with a plethora of educational and more often that not, insane videos.

What makes YouTube such an intriguing and engaging website is that you have so much free, watchable content at your fingertips. It has aided many people in reviewing products, releasing music, educating the public on a range of topics and obviously the exponential rise of Vloggers.

Though, because of the amount of videos on YouTube, it can be difficult to filter through the drivel to get to the educational channels.

This is why we’re here.

We’ve sieved through YouTube to find the most informative and creative horse channels on offer. These channels will cover everything from horse care, dressage, horse training, children’s fun,

With that in mind, lets start the countdown!


Note: These statistics are relevant to the date this article was posted


  1. gezzcanezz

Subscribers: 78.2k

Views: 16.1 million


Gemma’s channel is dedicated to horse training, riding and supplying educational videos.

Gemma has 3 horses:

  1. Murphy – a 9 year old, 15.2hh, skewbald ISH
  2. Spyro – 14.2hh, grey connemara pony (sold 2014)
  3. Ellie – 14h grey connemara pony, loaned from January 2016


What makes her channel so good is that it abides by the vlogging culture of YouTube, in that every video discusses something different within the equine world.

For example, from watching five randomly selected videos, she discussed:

  • Cross country training
  • Showjumping with Murphy
  • Jumping with no bridle
  • Dressage training


From the research conducted, this channel primarily focuses on entertainment rather than following a strictly educational purpose. Saying that, her videos do include educational value which are easily digested by how non-nonchalant she is in her vlogs.

For example, her video ‘Our Very First Dressage Test!’ sees her come to grips with dressage for the first time. Whilst this is not a professional video on dressage, she conveys an important message to novice riders that not everyone is perfect first time round.

Her videos are very engaging and suitable for every age-range. She has a likeable personality and the videos capture a very personal feel.

Score: 8/10


2. Think Like A Horse

Subscribers: 78.6k

Views: 30.1 million


This channel takes a slightly more cynical approach to horse care. Rick Gore is both the owner of the YouTube channel and his own website

In his channel Rick focuses on many topics, ranging from trailer loading, training videos, horse hoofing, rope halters and miscellaneous horse information.

He also tackles the concept of ‘bad horsemanship‘ a definitive guide can be found on his website.

Rick’s no-nonsense approach makes him a very honest and reliable trainer, for the people eager to learn about the ‘dos and don’ts’ of horse riding, Rick has what you need.

Score: 8/10


3. HoneyheartsC

Subscribers: 193.7k

Views: 117.4 million


This channel is very different from the previous two, as it focuses on children’s toy sets.

The channel is perfect for children to gaze and drool over the unpackaging of various horse toys, books and playsets. With reviews, live unpacking commentaries, horse videogame play-throughs and even a toy movie series, this channel has everything you need if you have a child that loves horses.

Score: 7/10


4. Evention TV

Subscribers: 89.1k

Views: 9.6 million


Evention TV ranks as one of the most informative YouTube channels currently available.

Interviews with riders, horse vine compilations, TV seasons on horses, and ‘howto’ videos litter this channel. In terms of accessibility and informative content, this is arguably the best channel currently on the web.

The structure of the ‘Evention Seasons’ is very easy to watch and covers a multitude of horse topics, problems and most importantly, how to improve your riding.

This is essentially a TV show on YouTube, and it’s free!

There’s also a Christmas special featuring dogs. Which adds an extra point.


Score: 9.5/10



5. Real Horse Rescues

Subscribers: –

Views: 26.6k


Real Horse Rescues is an original series created and hosted by award-winning producer Susan Kayne. Its mission is to raise public awareness of equine welfare concerns and bring visibility to the compassionate work of equine sanctuaries, rescues and adoption organisations.

They also frequently invite guests onto the show. They range from boots-on-the-ground rescuers, legislators, celebrities, young advocates and of course many four-legged stars.

This channel is again, a very popular choice for educational purposes. The interviews with the guests provide viewers with a wide variety of horse information whilst allowing them into the behind the scenes world of horse care.

If it’s horse welfare you’re looking for, this channel has it all. It’s also shot in a very professional and accessible form.

Score: 9/10



We hope this guide has helped you find some fun and educational horse channels! Why not take a look at our own channel whilst you’re at it? We’re very new to the scene and plan on uploading videos on a more frequent basis.

Happy Horsing!

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