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Mobile Field Shelters and their Uses

We all know that mobile field shelters are used for shelter for our horses but did you know they can be used for other things as well?

After speaking with the Prime Stables Team, they have informed me that throughout the nine years they have been going, they have supplied shelters as dog kennels, alpaca shelters and what is becoming more popular within recent years, to be used for storage.

The mobile field shelter itself can be any size up to 10.8m long. The reason behind it going to up that size is that we know anything up to that is towable).

Prime Stables can do any kind of design on your shelter. It is totally up to you. You can include a tack room on the side, have the building lined with plywood, they can put on a floor and incorporate windows.

A mobile field shelter can be used for almost anything your heart desires. You can add gates on the front of them or stable fronts. The list goes on as these buildings are made to cater for your needs.

Lastly, the best feature of a mobile field shelter? You do not need planning permission of course!

Don’t forget to look on the Mobile Field Shelter tab to see the mobile buildings

So, if you have a field or a large garden where you need to store garden machinery or even if your garage is overflowing and you need some more space, give Prime Stables a call today on 01403 823 836.
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