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Horse Health: An Apple a Day

The old wives’ tale about apples might not hold up, but daily care can help your horse’s health. Dr. Gabriele Landolt, professor of equine … read more

Traffic disrupted by horses

Traffic Disrupted as Horses Stray on to M4 in Newport

Traffic was disrupted on the M4 in Newport after horses strayed on to the motorway during rush hour. Vehicles were forced to slow down as … read more

Horse health and how to tell if something isn't right

Horse Health and How to Tell Something Isn’t Right

Any time undesirable behaviour or resistance arises in the horse it demands a unique type of ‘listening’ to identify what the horse is attempting to convey.

Horse coughing

Owners Share Opinions on Equine Asthma Treatments, Management

But, as with most horse health care tasks, implementing the appropriate adjustments—such as avoiding dusty arenas, soaking hay, wetting … read more

Inside a Thoroughbred Nursery

After a normal foaling, the next steps aim toward helping the foal grow into a healthy horse. The day after a foal is born at Timber Town or … read more