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Equine Viral Arteritis Confirmed in Dorset

An outbreak of Equine Viral Arteritis (EVA), a serious viral disease in … Although deaths from EVA are very rare in healthy adults, pregnant … read more

Grand national horse racing

Grand National 2019: Nick Alexander

“Before I got into training, I lived the life of a stockbroker in 1980s London, but a love of horses was always with us from a very early age,” he … read more

Horse jumps

Fearless Skiers Slalom Around Poles and Fly Off Jumps

These daredevil skiers have been seen flying down a treacherous track tied to horses by rope to claim first prize in a bizarre contest … read more

Racehorse as a foal

Foals Rush In: Can You Make a Profit by Investing in a Racehorse?

“But by buying a horse already in training you have a better idea of what level it can compete at. If buying at a younger age, they are unproven … read more

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