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10 Equestrian Fashion Ideas To Get You Noticed

Every that knows me know about my love of horses. I’ve lived with horses since I was a little girl, and although I never quite made it as a show jumper, I’m lucky enough to still be involved in the horse industry. So though my love of horses is well known, what might not be as well known is my love of fashion. I’ve always been into fashion and I love clothes, and I distinctly like riding fashion. I’m always tempted to wear my horse riding gear around town I love it so much. So with that in mind I’ve decided to dedicate this post to equestrian fashion ideas.

Mountain Horse Posh Show Jacket

I stumbled upon this a thought it so elegant and refined. It’s called a Posh Show Jacket and is a great example of modern equestrian fashion. Riding fashion  has such a wide range, from casual through to chic. This jacket is at the higher end of smart and is a real head turner. It’s available for sale at Exclusively Equestrian, See it here.

Accademia Italia Polo Shirt

The Italians have such style when it comes to clothes, and have some of the best fashion designers in the world. This polo shirt by Trustori is an excellent example of stylish equestrian fashion. It’s sexy, it’s sassy and I love it.

Winter Tech Hoodie by Noel Asmar

I love this hoodie, which has an urban/funky look to it, but is stylish and fashionable at the same time. It’s great for kicking around in winter if you want to look good. It’s a casual little jacket, but looks absolutely amazing. It’s currently for sale at The Yard, which is one of my favourite equestrian clothing websites.

Tattini Summer Polo Shirt 

Looking good isn’t always about breaking the bank. This stylish little polo shirt is only £4.99 from Selwood Equine, and I think it looks great. In the summer when you’re hot and sweating, and mucking out the stables or shovelling hay, you don’t want to wear your best gear. Sometimes you want to buy some t-shirts cheap, but this doesn’t mean they can’t look good.

Celeris Boots

Riders XOXO are one of my favourite boutiques, and their website oozes style and class. I came across these boots while browsing their website and fell in love with them. If you like your boots high-end, then Celeris boots are really something special. Each boot is hand-crafted and made to measure, and they’re a picture of elegance.

Equetech Florence Lace Competition Shirt

I love, love, LOVE this cute lace competition shirt. It’s so dainty with fine lace detailing and looks smart as well as feminine. It’s available at Exclusively Equestrian and is a simply must have if you like simple style. It’s a competition shirt, but I’d wear this to a business meeting. I love it!

York Show Jacket

If you’re in a competition and you want to look the part, then this York Show Jacket by Noel Asmar is delightful. I love competition day, when the riders and their horses look so beautiful. Noel Asmar is a wonderful designers and I’d highly recommend taking a look at his collection if you’re into competitions.

Fairfax & Favor The Heeled Regina Suede Boot

I love footwear, and more specifically riding boots. You won’t find a good pair of boots cheap, and these blue suede heeled boots by Fairfax & Favor will set you back a cool £325. But I think they’re worth every penny. They’re available at William Heritage Boutique, who happen to have  a lovely range of  riding clothes and accessories.

Euro-Star Ladies Hannah T-Shirt

This is another lovely t-shirt I found on Exclusively Equestrian. They guys over there have great taste in clothes, and most are in the mid to low price range. This t-shirt has the look and feel of a high-end designer t-shirt, but only costs £36, which is relatively cheap compared to other designers.

Caldene Hardwick Show Jacket

This is a real stand-out show jacket in bright, delicious, racy red. Nothing says daring more than red and this jacket is nicely tailored even though it’s only £51. You can find it for sale on Robinsons, and if you’re on a budget it’s definitely worth checking out their website.

I know there are so many clothes out there, from jackets to shirts and boots. I’ve tried to select my favourites, but no doubt have missed bundles of amazing clothes. If you’re reading this please let me know any items that you feel deserve to be on this list of equestrian fashion ideas. The trend I’m going for is 2016, and I would be hugely gratefrul if you could contribute.

All the best
Sarah Macey

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