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Celebrating the Queen’s Birthday and Her Greatest Horses

The Racing Post’s most famous reader celebrates her 93rd birthday on Sunday, and to mark the occasion we look back at nine of Her Majesty … read more

The Queen and her favourite horses

42000-year-old horse that Researchers are Trying to Clone

From here, they will attempt to use the horse’s exceptionally well-preserved cells to clone it. They are reportedly trying to find a surrogate to give birth to the … read more

Trying to clone horses

Enterprising Owner Creates Handbags from Old Feed Sacks

A resourceful horse owner is riding the recycling trend by turning empty feed sacks into yard and shopping bags. Diane Thomas transformed … read more

Students trail riding with their horses

‘Horses are My Escape’: What it’s Like for Students to Have Horses

Going to college is a huge time commitment, so bringing a horse along for … She helps ride the horses, feeds them, makes sure that all of the … read more

Grand national horse racing

The Most Exclusive and Lucrative Thoroughbred Horse Races

With that in mind, we’ve put together a list of some of the most exclusive and expensive horse racing events: just in case you come into a little … read more

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