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Are Races Getting Safer for Horses? All You Need to Know

The deaths of three horses at the Cheltenham Festival have raised concerns over safety in racing. So how dangerous is it? The Cheltenham … read more

Police horse

Equine Recruits Wanted: Could Your Horse Become a Crime Fighter?

Do you own a large, steady horse who you think would thrive in a career with the police? Then West Yorkshire Police (WYP) want to hear from … read more

Horse rider on road

Horse Riders Take to the Roads En Masse in Milton Keynes

Horse riders across MIlton Keynes are taking to the roads to campaign for motorists to give them more room. They are urging drivers to “pass … read more

Horse in stable

Horse Health: Equine Influenza and How to Minimize Your Risk

Equine Influenza and How to Minimize Your Risk … Biosecurity should be a year-round concern for any farm, equine competition … read more

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