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What is An American Barn and Why You Should Want One

Prime Stables are one of the leading manufacturers of American barns for horses in the United Kingdom. As a company, we pride ourselves in hard work and top quality results. We are passionate about seeing horses well treated and cared for and we love meeting people with similar passions. As anyone who owns a horse will tell you, every animal is different and therefore will have individual needs. That’s why, at Prime Stables, we look to cater for each human and horse individually to ensure that we build a structure that is not only of the highest standard and quality but that also suits everyone’s requirements and wishes. Because we simply love horses and people we have learnt to understand over the years what your animal’s needs are, whether they are housed in a Mobile Field Shelter or an American Barn.

American Barns are large timber buildings that have everything under one roof. They are popular in working yards, such as liveries and riding schools, as everything is conveniently in one place and it is all arranged around a central passageway. American Barns are extremely convenient and are popular in the UK equestrian market for their ease of use. The advantages of having your stabling and working areas under one roof are numerous. Not only is the layout undeniably convenient when the weather is vile but it is also ideal to have everything in the same place, as well as a totally safe and secure building that allows for far easier stable management. As well as stabling your horses and animals, you can incorporate as many extra conveniences as you like such as; a tack room, storage for feed, offices, toilets and riding equipment for the horses. Helpfully, all your hay, straw and equipment is kept inside and tucked away from the elements.

An American Barn may be a bit of an investment in the beginning, but most owners consider it a godsend when the weather is awful. All the barns at Prime Stables are built with top quality timber to ensure it is warm in the winter and cool in the summer. We have a wide range of styles and sizes to choose from, and we also offer a custom build service to design your American Barn exactly how you like it. Treat your horses to an American Barn and they will get the best of both worlds, literally, with a warm place to hide away when the weather gets particularly bad and a cool place to relax in the summer.

If you have a nervous horse that hates being cooped up away from the other horses, then an American Barn is ideal as they can remain in the company of their pals around them in the stables. Horses are generally happier in American barns as it gives them the feeling of a herd environment rather than isolation. Neighbouring stalls with windows in between are also a great way to keep the horses well socialised and used to one another’s company. American Barns are a very practical unit, designed and constructed to whatever size most suits you and your horses, thus creating a relaxed, social and airy environment for your horses. American Barns are also very light with plenty of windows and doors allowing for good flooding of natural light as well as plenty of fresh air. Within all our designs, ventilation without draughts is the top priority. The greater head room that barns provide gives a spacious feel and improved airflow around the building for your horse’s comfort.

If you are thinking of getting an American Barn, we recommend that you browse our website or visit other yards for some inspiration. Please give us a call as we would love to chat through your ideas with you and make your dream of owning an American Barn a reality. American style barns seem to be, by far, one of the most popular barn choices in the UK for their numerous benefits for both horse and human. What are your thoughts? We would love to hear whether you have an American Barn and your thoughts on this wonderful stable design.

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