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7 Treats for Your Horse this Christmas

Christmas is one of the most popular times of year and is a wonderful time for people to celebrate with their families, exchange gifts and treat themselves to excessive eating. Often, the assumption is that there isn’t much you can treat you horse with over the Christmas season. You can’t exactly share your roast dinner with your horse! But there are some healthy treats you can give your horse this Christmas to help him enjoy the festivities as much as you.

Himalayan Rock Salt Lick

Horses love treats, and a Himalayan Rock Salt Lick is a popular choice. Attached to a rope, these Himalayan Rock Salts can be hung in your horse’s stable to keep him busy and entertained during the day. Himalayan Rock Salt Licks are literally rock hard, meaning your horse can’t bite chunks off. Therefore, these treats can be enjoyed by your horse for a long time.

A Splash of Guinness

Yes, you read correctly. It’s okay to give your horse a splash of Guinness during the Christmas period. Not only is Guinness a great treat for your horse, ideally added to their feed on Christmas day, it had numerous health benefits too as Guinness contains iron, fibre and various vitamins.

Make a Special Christmas Dinner

Your horse should be able to enjoy his very own Christmas dinner on the most wonderful time of the year. However, don’t panic, I’m not suggesting your share all of your Christmas dinner with your horse, just the scraps. Horses love eating vegetable peelings and leftover vegetables such as parsnip, carrots and sprouts. You can mix these into their existing feed to give it a festive twist. It’s a yummy treat your horses are sure to enjoy.

Treat Your Horse with a Turnout Rug

It’s important your horse stays safe and warm this winter and turnout rugs are a great way to ensure your horse stays dry and cosy while spending time grazing or exercising in the fields. There are numerous turnout rugs available online that help ensure your horse stays warm during the Christmas season. They are certainly a gift your horse will appreciate, and they last a long time, meaning they can be used for many years to come. Now that’s a gift that keeps on giving!

A Nice Minty Treat

Horses love mints! If you own a horse, you will know how true this is. Mints are a great Christmas treat for your horse. Not only are mints a tasty treat, they are also beneficial in healing the digestive tract and lungs. They also contain astringents (compounds that heal the skin). Increase the bond between you and your horse by hand-feeding him his minty treats. Horses love company and affection almost as much as they love mints!

Horse Around with Stable Toys

Horse toys are an ideal gift for your horse this Christmas. Not only do they help improve your horse’s coordination and cognitive ability, horse toys can help keep your horse entertained and having fun during the Christmas season. They are hundreds of toy options to choose from both in our shop and other toy providers online. From jolly balls and tongue twisters to boredom breakers, horse toys are a great treat for your horse this Christmas. Browse our online shop for a selection of horse toys.

Homemade Horse Treats

If you want to keep your Christmas gift list budget-friendly this year, why not make some horse treats yourself? That way, you can ensure your horse’s dietary requirements are taken into consideration and you know exactly what you are feeding your horse. I would suggest making oak flapjacks or apple sauce. Both are easy to make, healthy and a great treat! What are some homemade treats you’ve made for your horse? Let us know in the comments below.

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I hope this article has given you some great ideas of treats for your horse this Christmas. There is no better excuse than Christmas to spoil your horse, so get shopping!

What sort of treats do you feed your horses? Are there any you think we have missed? Comment below with your treat choices, we always love hearing your ideas!

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