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Is Turmeric Beneficial for Horses?


For many of us, turmeric is simply a colourful spice that can be added to dishes for colour and flavour. However, there are rumours floating around that turmeric has numerous benefits for horses and can be used as a natural supplement to help ease a whole host of health problems – from skin irritations to joint problems. But is turmeric… ...Read More

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How to Tell if Your Horse is Happy

Happy Horse

One of the most satisfying elements of owning a horse is knowing it is happy and healthy. But how do you really know if your horse is happy? Well, here at Prime Stables we have been working with horses for many years and we know that, despite their individual characteristics, horses tend to exhibit some common behaviours and expressions to… ...Read More

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7 Horse Facial Expressions and What They Mean

7 Horse Facial Expressions and What They Mean In a new study, psychologists from the University of Sussex have found that horses use a range of muscular movements to form dynamic facial expressions that are nearly identical to those of humans. The muscles in the human face allow us to make around 27 facial expressions. However, the ability to use… ...Read More

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Horses Vs Zebras: Why Don’t Humans Ride Zebras?

While it is possible to ‘mount’ and ride a zebra, you cannot actually domesticate a zebra. Sure, there are videos of people who’ve apparently domesticated everything from a cockroach to a 9ft grizzly bear but there is a difference between domesticating and taming. “But, zebras are just horses with stripes, right? So why don’t we ride them around like Seabiscuit… ...Read More

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A Complete History of Horse Stables Through The Ages

Ancient Horse Stable

Who Built The First Horse Stable? The answer could just as easily be: who domesticated, or tamed the first horse? The truth is that nobody can answer exactly, because ancient people were nomads and lived transient lives. Take the Mongolians, for example: horses have always been essential in their lives. There’s a phrase in Mongolia that states: “A Mongol without… ...Read More

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Horses and our Royal Family

Horses and our Royal Family With our Queen’s Diamond Jubilee rapidly approaching, I started thinking about how horses and the Royal family are linked. The Household Cavalry Mounted Regiment (HCMR)  are a ceremonial cavalry regiment if the British Army who will be on parade for all to see at this year’s celebrations. The regiment carries out mounted and some dismounted duties. The regiment… ...Read More

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Mobile Field Shelter for Reindeer

Santa is coming to town! This week, the Prime Stables Team have informed me that they put up a 10.8m Mobile Field Shelter for reindeer! The three reindeer that will be using the shelter are called Dancer (because the previous owner has a dance class), Velvet (fur like velvet) and Spot (because his fur is white with one brown spot).… ...Read More

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War Horses

‘The soldier came to regard his horse almost as an extension of his being.’ J M Brereton, the author of The Horse in War. With Remembrance Sunday just behind us and the up coming release of Michael Morpurgo’s ‘The War Horse’ , I thought it would be topical to do a piece on just how much horses were used throughout war. Horses… ...Read More

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How Does a Horse Get Laminitis

In today’s article I thought it would be useful to take a look at the main causes of Laminitis. The true cause of laminitis is still unclear, but there are a number of situations that may lead to the condition. Set out below are the more well known causes. Please add to this list by posting a comment. Other readers… ...Read More

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The Year Horses Saved Christmas – A Christmas Story

With Christmas now upon us, I thought it was time for a little bit of Christamas cheer. I came across this Christmas story a couple of years ago and I thought it would make a nice post for the festive period, so read and enjoy. Have alovely Christmas thank you all for your comments, keep em coming and I will be… ...Read More

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Haylage – What Is It And When Do I Feed It To My Horses

A number of my equestrian friends have been asking me to put this article together as they feel that many horse owners would really benefit from some definitive information on Haylage, and how to best to buy, feed and store it. So lets get started, what is Haylage? Haylage is stored ready for delivery and is  a replacement for hay… ...Read More

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Iris Recognition For Horses Is Coming

Iris scanning is now being developed as a new way of identifying horses. The first portable equine iris capture and identification system to help track and identify horses is being developed in America. The system could make brands and microchips a thing of the past. It is claimed that there is a strong interest from around the world for this system as… ...Read More

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