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6 Essential Health Checks for your Horse

healthy horse

Horses can be unpredictable creatures and can easily rack up expensive vet bills that you don’t particularly like the look of!  It’s always good to be aware of your horse’s health and carry out regular checks to ensure that if there are any problems you can catch them quickly before they escalate into something more serious. Vital Signs You should… ...Read More

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13 Horse Clothing Must-Haves to Keep You Warm for the Winter

Lost on What to Wear in Winter?! Winter can be a harsh season for animals, especially those that are accustomed to be outside. The most important factor for winter preparation is planning. The last thing you want to be doing is ensuring your horse is safe and comfortable in the middle of winter, when you could have done this months… ...Read More

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What Do Horses Eat? A Few Facts on Horse Feeding

What do horses eat

Horses like to break from their normal routines from time to time. You may have noticed that your horse suddenly gets a new lease of energy if you take him on a new riding trail. It only makes sense then that he would also enjoy some variation in his diet – just like we do! Even if I wanted to,… ...Read More

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Horse Shipping – Taking Your Horse on a Plane

Horse shipping

Whether you and your horse are seasoned travellers or going long distance for the first time, you are bound to have questions. There was a time where I myself didn’t even consider the fact that horses have to travel to events, it simply never crossed my mind. I know that may sound ridiculous but can you honestly picture a horse… ...Read More

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How Do I Apply For A BHS Equine Passport For My Horse

BHS Equine Passport

To comply with an EU directive that aims to ensure that all horses that have been treated with veterinary medicines are not slaughtered for human consumption, all horses now have to have an equine passport that shows the individual horses history. The Government and the horse industry believe that other benefits will also  be realised if all horses have a passport.… ...Read More

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Fencing Requirements for Horses and Paddocks

When you decide to fence your paddocks the most important consideration is to ensure that it is safe and suitable for horses. Your fencing should be high enough to deter your horses from jumping out, fighting over it and low enough at the bottom to prevent foals and small ponies from rolling or crawling underneath it. Your fence should be… ...Read More

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What exactly does the term 'Permitted Development' mean?

On 1st October 2008 planning regulations for certain building works were simplified so as to allow various small scale development to go ahead without the need for a planning application to be submitted to the your council. These new rules were mainly brought in to prevent the possible snarl up at planning departments for relatively minor works. These minor works… ...Read More

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How Does The Planning Process For A Stable Block Work

In today’s posting I thought it would be beneficial to talk about the planning process. Prime Stables have a great architectural design team and can help you with most general questions. Give them a call on 01403 823 836 and they will be only too pleased to help you. What Prime Stables will do for you Unless your new buildings fall under… ...Read More

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Tell Me More About Horse Passports – Some Questions You Might Be Asking

Since my last posting on ‘Horse Passports’ a number of people have come up to me asking for more information on the subject, so set out below are some common questions and answers that all relate to what you may be asking yourself. I hope they help you…….. Q. When would I need to produce my horse’s passport? The passport must… ...Read More

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Low Emission Zone – Does My Horsebox Need Converting?

Roughly 72,000 various different vehicles are likely to be affected with this new policy. How will I be affected by the changes in emission costs? Long gone are the days in which you could load up your horsebox and take it wherever you like with the only thing you had to worry about was what you were putting into it,… ...Read More

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How Do I Prevent – Horse Sick Pasture

An over grazed field or “horse-sick” field will have a rather patchy appearance and evidence of rampant weed growth, possibly with parched, bare soil in places with no grass growth at all. The former are likely the places where you find the majority of horse droppings. If the grazing on the rest of the field is sparse, your horse will… ...Read More

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Does My Horse Need A Tetanus & Influenza Vaccination

With winter closing in, I thought for todays post we would look at a topic that is topical and important for all horse owners at this time of year. Therefore, it is always best to take the approach that prevention is ultimately better than cure and inoculation can provide horses with immunity against commonly occurring debilitating infections. The principle of… ...Read More

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What Is Grass Sickness

Grass Sickness As the name suggests Equine Grass Sickness (EGS) or Equine Dysautonomia is a disease that affects almost exclusively grass kept animals. Good Quality Grazing This devastating disease,  affects the nervous system causing colic, muscle tremors, constipation, weight loss and difficulty swallowing. The cause of grass sickness is unknown despite almost 100 years of investigation. Research suggests that the… ...Read More

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A Guide To A Loan Agreement For Horses

When you put your horse out on loan, it is essential that you set up an agreement that sets out in detail what the person loaning the horse out expects the new owner to abide by to the mutual benefit of the horse, the owner and the person looking to take the horse on loan. Set out below is an agreement… ...Read More

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How Do I Loan Or Lease A Horse

As an alternative to purchasing a horse, you could take a horse on loan. Some horse owners prefer this option as it is can remove the costs associated with buying a horse or pony. However, both loaning and leasing can have potential problems for the unwary. Frequently the arrangement is merely an unwritten understanding between friends and should things go… ...Read More

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Do I Need A Pre-Purchase Examination When I buy A Horse

A Pre-Purchase Examination When you have found the horse that you feel is the most suitable for you and that he has met your criteria; I strongly recommended that you arrange for a vet to carry out a pre-purchase veterinary examination. This may seem costly it’s not. It may save you a lot of money and heartache in the future.… ...Read More

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What Do I Need To Know When I Buy My First Horse

What to look for when buying a horse

You’ve been riding for a while, you know what’s involved, you can commit the time and now you are ready for your first horse, so let’s look at what you need to do. What Are Your Riding Capabilities? You need to firstly determine your own riding standards and what type of horse you need to look for. Be careful not to… ...Read More

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Can I Graze My Horses With Other Livestock

This is a question I often come across and it is commonly known as ‘Cross Grazing.’ You will find that when you graze horses with other livestock such as cattle and sheep it can be beneficial to both graze down the areas of rough grass that horses tend to avoid, and it will also reduce the weed and parasite burdens.… ...Read More

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What Size Stable Should I Have For My Horse

When considering the size of any stabling the main criteria to consider is that the horse should be able to stand up and turn around without any difficulty, and lie down and roll easily and without risk of injury. With that in mind it is equally important that adequate consideration is given to the type of horse to be stabled.… ...Read More

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Warning! Do Not Let Your Horses Eat Grass Cuttings

I have found that many of us are totally unaware that grass cuttings when left on fields and on the road side are potentially dangerous because when ingested by our animals it could have potentially fatal consequences. Please be aware of this, if you are out hacking and your horse starts eyeing up what he considers a nice little snack of… ...Read More

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Ragwort – Its Dangers And Dealing With Them

The Ragwort plant is a common weed that grows throughout the land and potential poisoning poses a real threat as it contains toxic compounds that could kill your horses if you aren’t aware. Horses are particularly susceptible due to grazing as are other animals. Ragwort – Its Life Span And What It Looks Like Ragwort takes two years to fully grow and… ...Read More

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Mobile Field Shelters – Why They Do Not Require Planning Permission…or do they?

This is an age old question, with many differing opinions. Many council planning departments will insist that you do need planning permission and others will say you do not. My aim today is to bring some clarity to this, so that you may confidently install a mobile field shelter in the full knowledge that you are not in breach of UK Planning… ...Read More

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