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Spring Fashion for You and Your Horse

Spring Fashion for You and Your Horse Here at Prime Stables we know how important it can be to feel confident on your horse. Although there are plenty of factors that will help you to feel confident on your horse, one is ensuring that you look good as well/ Dressing to impress can cause a huge influx in your personal… ...Read More

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10 Equestrian Fashion Ideas To Get You Noticed In 2016

Equestrian fashion ideas

Every that knows me know about my love of horses. I’ve lived with horses since I was a little girl, and although I never quite made it as a show jumper, I’m lucky enough to still be involved in the horse industry. So though my love of horses is well known, what might not be as well known is my… ...Read More

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How To Look After Your Horse In The Snow

After the terrible winds, we all want to let our horses out for some air but what do you do if, like now,  there is snow on the ground? What if they damage a leg on the icy floor? Will health problems arise if you keep your horse confined? Professional yards tend to keep their horses in during the wintry… ...Read More

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Why Is Reflective Clothing Important When Riding?

Now the days are getting shorter and the nights longer, riding in the dark is becoming more frequent and so, another safety aspect has to be taken into account: reflective clothing for both horse and rider. We all know that we should wear ‘high-vis’ clothing when hacking out however, it is even more important in the darker and gloomier weather… ...Read More

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Tell Me More About Horse Passports – Some Questions You Might Be Asking

Since my last posting on ‘Horse Passports’ a number of people have come up to me asking for more information on the subject, so set out below are some common questions and answers that all relate to what you may be asking yourself. I hope they help you…….. Q. When would I need to produce my horse’s passport? The passport must… ...Read More

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