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The World’s Most Famous Horse Stables

The World’s Most Famous Horse Stables Here at Prime Stables we love horse stables, believe it or not. There are such a variety of stable designs out there that serve multiple functions, some are practical while others also have added glamour. So, we have decided to share with you the world’s most famous horse stables. We hope you enjoy reading… ...Read More

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What is An American Barn and Why You Should Want One

American barns

Prime Stables are one of the leading manufacturers of American barns for horses in the United Kingdom. As a company, we pride ourselves in hard work and top quality results. We are passionate about seeing horses well treated and cared for and we love meeting people with similar passions. As anyone who owns a horse will tell you, every animal… ...Read More

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A Complete History of Horse Stables Through The Ages

Ancient Horse Stable

Who Built The First Horse Stable? The answer could just as easily be: who domesticated, or tamed the first horse? The truth is that nobody can answer exactly, because ancient people were nomads and lived transient lives. Take the Mongolians, for example: horses have always been essential in their lives. There’s a phrase in Mongolia that states: “A Mongol without… ...Read More

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Fencing Requirements for Horses and Paddocks

When you decide to fence your paddocks the most important consideration is to ensure that it is safe and suitable for horses. Your fencing should be high enough to deter your horses from jumping out, fighting over it and low enough at the bottom to prevent foals and small ponies from rolling or crawling underneath it. Your fence should be… ...Read More

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What exactly does the term 'Permitted Development' mean?

On 1st October 2008 planning regulations for certain building works were simplified so as to allow various small scale development to go ahead without the need for a planning application to be submitted to the your council. These new rules were mainly brought in to prevent the possible snarl up at planning departments for relatively minor works. These minor works… ...Read More

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Why Does My Horse Box Walk and What Can I Do To Help?

Box walking is when a horse paces up and down the stable or walks around the inside of the perimeter. This can be due to anxiety, nerves, boredom, frustration or general unhappiness in their environment. Ways to help stop your horse from box walking are as follows: Install a stable mirror so that your horse thinks that there is another… ...Read More

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Mobile Field Shelters and their Uses

We all know that mobile field shelters are used for shelter for our horses but did you know they can be used for other things as well? After speaking with the Prime Stables Team, they have informed me that throughout the nine years they have been going, they have supplied shelters as dog kennels, alpaca shelters and what is becoming… ...Read More

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Mobile Field Shelter for Reindeer

Santa is coming to town! This week, the Prime Stables Team have informed me that they put up a 10.8m Mobile Field Shelter for reindeer! The three reindeer that will be using the shelter are called Dancer (because the previous owner has a dance class), Velvet (fur like velvet) and Spot (because his fur is white with one brown spot).… ...Read More

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How Does The Planning Process For A Stable Block Work

In today’s posting I thought it would be beneficial to talk about the planning process. Prime Stables have a great architectural design team and can help you with most general questions. Give them a call on 01403 823 836 and they will be only too pleased to help you. What Prime Stables will do for you Unless your new buildings fall under… ...Read More

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Mobile Stables – A new unique design from Prime Stables

PRIME STABLES have asked me to help them to introduce a new and radical design to their range of mobile equestrian buildings “The Mobile Stable Yard” Mobile Stable Yard THE MOBILE STABLE YARD Measuring 10.8m x 3.6m. This new unique design will give you: 2 no. 3.0m x 3.6m Stables Keep your horse content inside a ‘Prime ‘Mobile Stable 1… ...Read More

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Where Can I Find A Lambing Building

This is a question Prime Stables are asked each Spring and I have decided to show you the ideal building for the small holder. A fully mobile shelter that has a store room added on to one end. You can keep your sheep inside the shelter and all those little bits and pieces that are needed are kept securely locked away… ...Read More

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How Do I Look After & Maintain My Horses Paddock

The reason we turn our horses out in to a paddock is to provide adequate grass for feed and enough space for healthy exercise and horse contentment. These are the basic needs that all horse owners need to consider. By following these steps set out below you will ensure that your horse’s pasture is in the best possible condition and… ...Read More

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What Size Stable Should I Have For My Horse

When considering the size of any stabling the main criteria to consider is that the horse should be able to stand up and turn around without any difficulty, and lie down and roll easily and without risk of injury. With that in mind it is equally important that adequate consideration is given to the type of horse to be stabled.… ...Read More

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Maintaining Your Timber Stables and Horse Shelter–Inspect & Make a Plan

It’s at this time of the year, when the ground is solid and the air is warm and dry, that it is the best time to carry out any maintenance that you may need to undertake on your timber outbuildings. I would always advocate that you check the condition of your stables and outbuildings at least once a year. This… ...Read More

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